More hills!

Despite my whining about the little hills yesterday I decided I needed more. The Ache Around the Lake race will be here before I know it and clearly I need more practice. I met up with Scarlette and Leslie and we set off at a good pace – about what I did a couple of weeks ago. After about the first mile (of 5!) I started to fade. My legs felt like bricks. I took a few walking breaks up some of the longer hills, no more than 30 seconds or so at a time.  The breaks helped but ultimately I just had to slow my pace. Last time I ran it at a 10:30 minute per mile pace, this time would be about 12:00 minutes per mile….

Here is the view – too bad I do not look around while I run!

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

The road to the start - the only flat place for 5 miles!

The road to the start - the only flat place for 5 miles! I really need to get some pictures of the hills!

The pace didn’t really concern me though. Sundays are supposed to be my “long slow run” which means 2 minutes slower than race pace. So, since my goal is a 10 min mile, then 12 min mile is fine for Sundays. (That worked out nicely).

My distance goal for today was supposed to be 7 miles. There was no way I was going around that lake for another two miles. Orginally I thought I would run another mile out and then turn around and come back to total 7, but I was done with those hills! I jumped in the car and took a 5 minute drive to Harmon Field and did two more flat miles.  I was happy I got all my miles in, even if there was a brief break.

Food this week:

So the plan for the week is to eat as clean as possible – lots of greens. Part of my still wants to try the vegan diet, but instead of trying to add too many things at one time. My stomach didn’t hold up to all the fiber last week so I am going to take it slow.

Here is the menu I planned:
B: green shake
S: homemade protein bar
L: big salad and apple
S: Greek yogurt and mandarin oranges
D: different healthy meals throughout the week

I have made some homemade protein bars out of my Thrive book. I had all the stuff so I thought I would give it a shot. I haven’t tasted them yet – tomorrow will be the test. They are only 110 calories a piece, but they are pretty small.


The whole batch

The whole batch

One serving - looks yummy, doesn't it!

One serving - looks yummy, doesn't it!

So, we will see how this week goes! I haven’t lost any weight in a couple of weeks experimenting with this food. Everything I read tells me that the weight will start coming off, it just takes awhile for the body to adjust. If nothing this week I am just going to have to start counting calories again. I really really do not want to, but I really want to get these last pounds off!


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  1. Linda

    The protein bars look good. Five miles is great with the hills – good luck!

    I liked the group pictures but too bad you couldn’t get the whole team. and $2500 is great!

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