Stretch those legs!

Boy were my legs ready for some stretching tonight. I brought out the yoga strap and stretched for about 30 minutes, following the Aaron Mattes technique of Active Isolated Stretching. This type of stretching is supposed to help “achieve maximum circulation, oxygenation, relaxation, lymphatic circulation, nutritional deliverance and tissue elongation” (Specific Stretching for Everyone, 6). I will just have to take his word for it. Right now it just feels good.

What I like most about it is that most of the leg work is done laying on your back and using the yoga strap to pull your leg in different directions.


There are about are about 20 different directions to move the legs and hips. It really does help – I just need to be consistent with it.

Tomorrow it is back to running. I have a big week of miles ahead. If I increase 10% I need to run 20.30 miles.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – 3 miles
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – 7 miles

That actually puts me at 21, but I think that will be ok. I will see how I feel on Thursday and if I am tired I will only run 2 miles.

My eating today went as planned – I had 1300 calories. I was thinking about food a lot today, but there is nothing odd about that.  I had some hunger pains before all my meals but I tried to eat slower than normal and that seemed to help. I had to keep telling myself that it is ok to be hungry! I think I have gotten used to eating more calories lately so it will take some time to adapt to eating a few less.

I am going to go to bead early tonight. I have been tired all day and ready to lay down.


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  1. Linda

    You didn’t mention how your homemade protein bars were.

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