Beautiful day!

Today it actually felt like fall today. The air was cool and the sky was clear. It was perfect running weather. I was looking forward to my lunch time run. I had to get 3 miles in and I did. I felt pretty good the entire time despite my aching legs. I am still pretty sore from this weekend, but a good kind of sore, nothing in pain.

I have to say was was thirsty during the run. I need to find a way to run and drink at the same time. On my run Sunday I carried a water bottle and tried to take a few sips but I either choked myself or I swallowed air. I breath so hard that it is really hard to swallow. After a couple of sips I really felt a lot of air in my stomach and was nauseous. I do not think it helped by having a mix of water and coconut water. Coconut water is supposed to be the natural “Gatorade”. I have to admit that it does not taste really good. Maybe if it were ice cold it would have been better, but after being in the water bottle in my hand it was luke warm. Not very appetizing.

I am going to have to practice or I will dehydrate on these long runs that are coming up.

Food wise it was another hungry day. I stuck to the plan and met my calories. My homemade protein bars have turned out to be pretty tasty – I just wish they were bigger! I have to eat them really slowly to make them last.

I had much success tonight getting my new iPod Nano to work! I bought it last week because my current Nano (probably 5 years old) is on it’s last leg. It holds a charge for less than an hour and the screen is all blurry. I bought a new 8G Nano at Costco last week but I have had trouble with iTunes and my Windows Vista syncing up. I Googled my problem and found that everyone is having this problem. I was all set to return it and find something else. I took one last chance and posted my problem on a message board on and got a few responses. Someone told me that there is a special iTunes for Vista 64 bit OS.  With all the reading I did you would have thought that I had found that, but I didn’t. Luckily this very helpful person sent me the link. It worked like a charm! I am so happy. I am loading up my new iPod now and cannot wait to use it tomorrow.

It’s cute, too!

purple nano


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  1. Linda

    That is cute. Good luck with the drinking part while running – I agree it is hard even drinking and walking.

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