I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open! It just hit me all of a sudden. It was a pretty stressful day at work – lots of “panic-emergencies”, as I like to call them. Luckily it was nothing that prevented me from my lunch-time run. It was another perfect day outside. I decided to stay in the back lower parking lot today. Going down the road to DC2 can be stressful because, even though there is a fairly wide shoulder, I find that people do not care if I am there and often do not move over so I have to move to the grass. This is fine expect the grassy ground is often uneven and I can just imagine twisting my ankle or falling. That would NOT be a pretty sight… what would I do? My co-workers would be driving by and see me laying there. Hopefully they would stop, but then they would know.

However, down in the back parking lot of DC1 I often wonder what I would do if I saw a dead body laying out in the field in the back.  It is said that before we came to this property that it used to be a big drug selling area. When we first moved in there was a actually a dead body found down the road a bit.

WOW – I have some pretty random thoughts while I am running! Despite my odd imagination I am safe in the parking lot. Everyday I see the little security guards driving around the lots in their fancy golf carts patrolling the area. Certainly they could save me if needed, right?

Seriously, the worst part is when I have to run in front of the “smoking hut”. There is a picnic table under a shelter where the smokers hang out. Sometimes I forget to take a wide berth around it and am temporarily suffocated and I run by gasping for air. They are nice though – I like the smokers. I just wish they would stop smoking.

The other part of my run that I always have to be concerned with is when I run past the windows in the offices. I feel so odd like everyone is looking at me. They probably have better things to do, but I still feel it. I always try to make sure I do not look like I am dying when I run past the windows.

I realized today that I do not have a relaxed face when I run. I never really realized it until I saw the race pictures of myself from Saturday. Clearly the race day photographers did NOT work for glamour shots. The pictures of me were all HORRIBLE. Completely unflattering, but my face… geeze – I could not have looked any worse. After seeing those, which I may decide to post here but I haven’t decided yet, I have been trying to work on relaxing my face. I will keep you posted on how that goes!



  1. Linda

    I chuckled reading your blog this morning especially with the face expressions and dead bodies.

  2. Fab44

    Boy, do you need to turn up the music walking you are thinking way to much.. Dead Bodies, oh crap now I will never get Ilka to walk out side with me..

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