Weekend Recap!

After a long week I had a terrific weekend. I always have a great time with my parents and my brother.


First stop, Jeff’s house. We planned on a five mile run starting at his house and going to the greenway in Gastonia.  Before hitting the road we drank some of his freshly made vegetable juice – beets, carrots and other things. We warmed up by walking about a half mile or so before picking up the speed. We ran at a nice conversational pace down the winding path. The greenway is an excellent place to run – just enough people so you are not alone, but yet not crowded. It was shady the entire time, too, so we were never in the blaring sun. We ran 5 miles and still were pretty far from his house so we walked the rest of the way back. We ended up going close to 7 miles – including the warm-up and the walk back to the house. When we got back he made us an awesome green drink with apple juice, greens powder, chia seed and coconut oil. It was very refreshing and the perfect recovery drink after the run.

I headed to Mom and Dad’s house then we all went out for lunch at Hickory Tavern. It was so delicious. I decided to indulge with a BBQ hamburger. I was so good – I swamped the fries for some steamed veggies so not all was lost!

We got back to the house and proceeded to the back patio for some wine and relaxation. It was so great – Dylan was entertaining as usual, as was their dog Sake – so cute! (both of them!)

I caught him mid popsicle lick!

I caught him mid Popsicle lick!

Sake (like the Japenese wine) is so cute. His little tongue is always sticking out.

Sake (like the Japanese wine) is so cute. His little tongue is always sticking out.

Cracks me up everytime!

Cracks me up every time!

One of Jeff’s friends came over and we ate and played Texas Hold’em. Food was delicious as usual. Since we had a big lunch we just made a few little things – chicken wings on the grill and ciabatta bread with different toppings – roasted garlic, goat cheese, roasted red pepper, olives, etc. It was delicious. Dylan beat us all at Texas Hold’Em (as usual). I can’t wait until he is 18 so we can take him to Las Vegas to win big money!

In between all the eating and drinking I was careful to hydrate and not over do the alcohol. I had an 8 mile run the next morning!


We woke up early and left the house about 8:00 after I had plenty of water and an English muffin with almond butter. This is the best pre-run breakfast there is. I could have used a green drink, too, but I forgot to bring my powder.  We loaded up the bikes for Mom and Dad and headed to McMullen Creek Greenway. It is a 4-mile out-and-back trail in Pineville, NC.

I was prepared with everything I needed – music, water and my belt with a pouch.


The pouch in the SPI belt is big enough for phone, chap stick and a quick sugary snack.

The pouch in the SPI belt is big enough for phone, chap stick and a quick sugary snack.

The Camelbak with the bite valve fits perfectly into the hand strap.

The Camelbak with the bite valve fits perfectly into the hand strap. I carried a water with some electrolyte powder. I believe it helped a lot.

Along the way Mom and Dad would stop to photograph me – it was pretty funny… like I had the paparazzi stalking me. haha. The videos are fun, but as usual, not very flattering. I just do not photograph well while running. I found some shots he took while I was still a bit in the distance – I like these better!


Mom and Dad were there the entire time supporting me! They road their bikes back and forth and took in the scenery. Here is my wonderful support team!


The morning was perfect and I good have gone on for more miles, if it wasn’t for the unfortunate chaffing of my inner thighs! I have to start wearing my compression shorts for my longer runs or I will not make it!

For the last mile there were many runners passing me and I would briefly try to keep pace with them. It didn’t do much good except help make that last mile go by quicker. For the last quarter mile I sprinted as much as I could to finish strong.

050My goal was to finish in less than one hour and 30 minutes – I finished in 1:27. I also didn’t want to be slower than an 11 minute per mile pace – I averaged 10:58 pace!

After the run we stopped at Starbucks. I got a Venti Iced non-fat latte, by favorite. It was the perfect post-run treat.


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  1. Linda

    Nice blog about the weekend – we did have a great time. We love being with our kids and grandkids. While Laura and her brother, Jeff, ran – we (mom and dad) went to the gym. So the whole darn family was exercising that morning.

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