Count down to the Ache

This is a pre-race week and I want to be ready. After doing the course a couple of times I know it is tough, but I want to do well at the Ache around the Lake

The plan for the week is:
Monday: stretch/core
Tuesday: 3 miles-speed
Wednesday: 3 miles – hills
Thursday: 3 miles – easy
Friday: off

Today I headed down to the parking lot of DC2 – it is a big lot with very few cars (I wish it would stay that way!). I ran down to the lot and one lap around it. Then I did sprints down each parking lot row.  Each row was about 80 meters and I ran them as fast as I could. I did 12 intervals and I really got my heart rate up there. I finished with another lap around the lot and up the hill back to my building. It was an excellent workout and I will definitely being doing it again.

Tomorrow I need to do some hill repeats to prepare for Saturday. There are a couple of nice roads with hills in Columbus that do not have heavy traffic so I think I will do them tomorrow after work.

During work tomorrow we have a department lunch. I am sure there will be some temptations, but nothing I cannot resist. the lunch is a hot dog lunch – no craving there! I haven’t had a hot dog in years and it is not appealing at all.  There will be cookies, and that will be tough, but I have the race to think about. I need to eat clean all week.

Thursday will be an nice and easy parking lot run – just to keep the legs moving before race day. I love race days!


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  1. Linda

    Good luck on the hills! I rode my stationary bike for an hour last night. Tonight we will go to the gym.

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