Hilly hump day

This week is flying by! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week! I have Friday off and ALL next week. I cannot wait. Nothing exciting planned – just being off. Katheryn is coming home at the end of next week so I have that to look forward to.

Today was a busy day getting some things wrapped up and serving hot dogs to everyone. The managers hosted a lunch today for National Customer Service week and it went pretty well. Pretty simple food – hot dogs, chips, slaw, etc. I made the slaw and it was good – I just wish I had made quadruple amount. It went fast. It was intended to be a condiment to put on the hot dogs but everyone was taking mounds of it. I hate running out of food!

After work I did my hill workout. I went to a neighborhood that is really hilly and ran up and down the hills. It was a good, hard workout. I think one of the hills was steeper than what I will see at the Ache so I ran on it a lot. I read that you should run 2/3 of the way up at a moderate pace and when you were almost at the top sprint. I did – well, my version of sprinting… I always feel like I am running like the wind but I am quite sure I am not. That’s ok.

Tomorrow I just have a few easy miles before rest day and the race. I am so excited.


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