I’m free!

I am officially on vacation until October 19th. I do not have anything to do at all. It is just nice to be off work for awhile. Tomorrow I was going to get a massage, but my appointment got canceled because Bonnie is sick. It is probably a good thing because I was reading last night and realized a massage before a race is not always the next thing. I rescheduled for Monday, which should be perfect after a 5 mile race and another 8+ mile run on Sunday.

My goal for Sunday is at least another 8 miles. If I am feeling good I might try for 8.5, but no more than that. I will probably run a bit slower than last week, but who knows. I will just see what happens.

Tomorrow is rest day and I am happy (as usual). My legs are actually pretty tired today so a rest will do them good. I am going to do my stretching routine and pull out the foam roller. I haven’t used it lately but my hamstrings are a bit tight so maybe that will help.

I also have the dreaded weigh-in day tomorrow. I just have not been in the weight loss mode lately and I do not know why. I am all about running and eating healthy – no problem, but I cannot seem to get my calories low enough to lose the weight. I have many pounds to go so I have to get focused again. I just am so over counting stupid calories. I saw one of my favorite quotes (who knows who said it) “Get fit, eat healthy, thin will come”. It just doesn’t seem like thin will ever come! Luckily my friend Ilka bought me a lovely little notebook the other day and it is perfect for calorie counting. There is nothing like a fresh new notebook to get me going!



  1. fab44

    You will lose just try to focuse .. Counting Calories are hard, but you have Ilka and I doing it so you got to keep up the great work. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK OFF YOU DESERVE IT..

  2. weightosuccess

    Oh precious… It will come, your doing great!!! You have inspired so many people to workout and want to get healthy. Myself included. You should be really proud.

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