Rest day Friday

Today my goals were to rest and hydrate in preparation for the big race day tomorrow. I believe I succeeded. I slept in until 6:30 and had a leisurely morning sipping coffee and watching the news.

My food was good today and I have had plenty of water.  I focused on stretching and did some moves on the foam roller, which doesn’t hurt as it used to when I first tried it. My legs feel well rested right now so hopefully tomorrow they will be strong.

I also did a bit of shopping today and got a couple of new books and a few things from REI. I LOVE that store! I failed to get pictures of the things I bought and I do not want to do it right now… I will take care of that another time.

Right now all I want to do is lay down and sleep before an early morning. I need to get up around 5:00 to drink some water and eat and get awake before the race – the 8K Ache Around the Lake. I will leave the house at 6:30 or so. The race starts at 8:00 but I like to be there an hour early or so. The parking is about a mile away from the start so I thought I would take my time getting up there. Hopefully it will not rain too hard. There is a 70% chance of rain so I am sure I will get wet – I would like to start the race dry!

The my race goal time is 55:00 minutes – that is an 11 minute per mile pace that I hope I  will be able to maintain up all the hills.

Good night!


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