Off to a good start!

I am starting off the week feeling good and highly motivated. I am ready for this new stage of training and ready to lose these last pounds. I broke out my new note books from Ilka and started logging my calories and my workouts.

IMG_0281IMG_0295IMG_0296I love my little pocket calendar it is a 2009-2010 so I was able to log my workouts all the way to the marathon. This way I can carry it around and if something comes up I can check my calendar to see what workouts I have coming up. I am keeping my official training log on Training Peaks, but my computer is not always handy. This is perfect. It was helpful today when planning my pre-race massages!

This morning I had the yummiest breakfast – and filling, too. I think my problem lately (well, one of them) is that I have not been eating enough for breakfast. I love my green drink, but it is not enough as a meal. I had it with some scrambled egg whites and spinach with some Ezekiel corm tortillas. They were meant to be eaten like tacos, but much too messy so I cut them up.


At 11:00 I had my monthly massage with Bonnie. She really worked my legs, as usual. My left knee was bothering me after my 8 mile run yesterday. My knees have never hurt before. It is all because of my tight right hip that apparently is throwing everything off. She cured my knee by massaging (very painfully) my left quadricep. It really hurt, but now the knee is fine. It is all quite amazing. She gave me a few new stretches to do and told me to start working on my ab strength. My hips and lower back are suffering because my abs are weak. I always mean to do ab work, but I never get around to it.

Since one of my main goals with this training is to stay healthy and pain free I need to add core work, and upper body work. I cannot just run. Here is the new plan for this week:

Monday: back/biceps/core, spinning
Tuesday: run 3 miles, stretch
Wednesday: run 5 miles, chest/shoulders/core
Thursday: run 3 miles, stretch
Friday: Rest, stretch
Saturday: 5 miles, core
Sunday: 8 miles

I will do some form of stretching daily, but longer sessions 3 days a week. The more I read and talk to Bonnie the more important I find that stretching is. It takes awhile to do it right and there are so many things to stretch. All this time I have really been focusing on my hips and upper legs because that is where my pain is. Today she tells me my calves were tighter than ever. My upper back and neck had knots in them…. this, she said, is probably due to my clenching my teeth when I run – Yes, Bonnie is correct, I find that I clench my teeth A LOT. I have to be more aware and stop this.

After the massage I headed home to have my delicious sandwich that I have determined to have 375 calories. the calories will be lower when I get more Ezekiel bread. Right now I am using some other bread that I buy for John that has 110 calories per slice. It is good, but I like my sesame Ezekiel better and it only has 80 calories a slice.

It was so cold and rainy that after lunch I made a cup of coffee, got a blanket out and snuggled in the chair reading the best book that I have read for awhile. I have started reading it a couple of times but kept losing focus. The reviews have been great saying it is the best book since “Into Thin Air” (one of my favorites of all time). Well, now that I have actually sat down and read a few chapters I am hooked. All I want to do is sit and read this book!

IMG_0297“Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall is, according to the book jacket, an “epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In search of an answer Christopher McDougall sets off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets, and in the process shows us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong”.

Right now, just after reading 102 pages, I am so inspired to run even more than I have been. He really tells a great story. I am trying to take my time reading it so it doesn’t end.  I have a terrible habit of reading everything quickly and then it is all over and I am left with nothing…. I am trying to enjoy this slowly.

This afternoon I headed down to the workout room for some strength training. I pulled out my P90X workout sheets and did Back and Biceps. I decided that I didn’t need Tony’s instruction anymore so I didn’t bother with the DVD’s, I just put on some music and worked out. (Truth be told, I did skip some of the exercises I don’t like!). I also did a new core routine that I am going to do for the next few weeks. It is out of Runners World and with a bit of hard work I should soon look like (and run like) Lolo Jones. Well, she is a sprinter and I have decided that I am much of a slower, distance kind of runner….

Anyway, my workout was good even though I still hate plank moves. They are so hard – especially the side planks. I do not think I will ever like them, but if they will make me better I will do them. I cranked out 6 on each side – lowering and raising the hip in a straight line.

side plank

Monday’s are supposed to be cross training so I decided to go to spinning class. It is at  a gym in town that John goes to on Wednesday nights for “advanced spinning”. Monday is beginners… goodness gracious… I cannot imagine what the advanced class is like. This was 45 minutes of killer cardio. I do not know how many calories I burned but it had to be a lot. My legs were trashed. I am not sure this is the right thing for me after my weekend long runs. I read my plan for Mondays and cross training is supposed to be 30 minutes  and is to be like an “active rest”, meaning nothing too strenuous, but just enough to get the blood pumping. This is strenuous. It was fun and really a great workout, but too much for my plan.

Now I am showered and warm and ready to start reading again!



  1. Linda

    You are a busy girl. The notebook set is very pretty. I need to start a journal – it might help.

  2. weightosuccess

    I tend to agree. For someone that’s supposed to be on vacation you’re a busy little beaver. How in the world do you go from having nothing at all to do to doing everything in one day 🙂 That breakfast looks fantastic. Marie and I need to try that Ezekiel bread.

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