Wednesday already??

Boy, the week is just flying by! Tomorrow Katheryn and Mollie come home and I am so happy.  Good thing I had these last few days of rest!!

Today it is chilly and rainy. Despite that fact I had to get in my mid-week 5 mile run. Oh it was so hard to get out there. I was really wanting to put it off but John told me that it was just going to rain more and get colder. So, I put on my running attire and went to Harmon Field. I wasn’t sure what I was going to run in… I wore my standard shorts ensemble and tank top. I brought along a short sleeve running shirt, long sleeve running shirt, and my new REI rain jacket. I thought if nothing else I could stop and put something dry on every couple of miles. I started off in my tank top and jacket – it was really coming down by the time I got there and it was really hard getting out of the car. The rain wasn’t so bad – but 55 degrees? I like the cool weather, but the combination of rain and coolness was not inviting.


Once I got my toes wet  (literally) all was fine. It was quite peaceful – except for the constant rustling of my jacket – that was kind of annoying. There were a couple of older people out there with their dogs – both humans and canines donned rain jackets… it was cute

My five miles was up fairly quickly – I ran at a 10:45 pace and enjoyed it. I think I do better without music. I really tune in to my breathing and form. My jacket did ok. It is supposed to be waterproof and breathable. The problem is that I had a good bit of moisture on my arms so one of the two things didn’t work quite well. It wasn’t too bad though and I will wear it again.

The rest of the afternoon I spent reading and cooking. I decided to make Katheryn a surprise – something she has been asking for – she will be so happy. I also made John some cookies. I also put on a big pot of soup. There was lots of talk among my friends on Facebook about some chicken stew at some place in Spartanburg. It really got me craving something warm. I looked up chicken stew and most were cream-based and although they looked delicious they were too fattening. I decided instead to crack open my very favorite cookbook – The Foster’s Market Cookbook” by Sara Foster. EVERYTHING turns out good. I made the Chicken and Sweet Potato Soup. There is nothing bad in it.


Before dinner I headed down to the exercise room to do my core workout, shoulders and triceps and some plyometrics. I was inspired to try a move that I say on The Biggest Loser last night – the box jump. There is a girl on the show that was really struggling with jumping up on a raised box. I can totally relate to those type of weird mental blocks with things. She was just paralyzed – probably worried about falling or hurting herself.  I am also not much of a jumper. I haven’t spent a lot of time jumping up on things. So, I decided to give myself a test tonight. I have two steps – one that is 10 inches high and another that is 15 inches high.


I jumped up on the 10 inch step quite easily and did 10 jumps… then on to the 15 inch step – no problemo. I am happy to say that I could easily clear these two heights. I would like to see how much taller I could go, but that is all I have. So, in addition to being a nice little test it was a good workout, too.

After this I decided to do another experiment. In the book I am reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall he spends a lot of time contemplating the benefits of barefoot running. Apparently it is the cure all for all running aches and pains. He and many others have made a really good case for it.  I thought I would give it a shot, but after one look at the acorns laying all over the driveway I thought I had better not. My poor little feet are quite tender on the bottom! Many other people has this issue I am sure. That is why many shoe companies are coming out with shoes that have very little support and cushioning – really just shells as protection against the elements.  I happen to have a pair of shoes that are pretty minimalistic. I have no idea why I bought them, but I thought I would give them a shot tonight.


I think they would be good to run in if they were not about a half of a size too small. My toes touch the end and it is not very comfortable. The benefit of barefoot running is that it makes you land on your mid-foot rather than the heel. With today’s highly cushioned shoes it is almost impossible to land on the mid foot.  If I can get my hands on a bigger size of these I might try a short run in them. Until then, I will be wearing my cushion shoes.

Now, back to my book!



  1. Linda

    Yesterday I could not get myself to go walking at lunch with the rain – cold I don’t mind. So I put my headphones on and went up and down the stairs and took some laps around the office then dad and I went last night to the gym for a nice workout.

    There is always my chicken chili stew that is always delicious.

  2. Ted

    Laura, you need to get in the research and development department at adidas and come up with and refine the “Next to Barefoot Running Shoe.” It’s all in the way you market it. Make sure the patent includes your name. Opps, I just told the world about it. You better hurry.

  3. lauraph2009

    I am sure we will have one soon… Nike already came out with theirs awhile ago so I am sure we already have one in development. I probably just won’t be able to get my hands on them.

  4. lauraph2009

    If I had to go out in the rain and I was at work then I probably would not have. Yes, the chicken chili stew is always good.

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