Fastest run!

Today the plan called for a 5 mile run at race pace. I have decided I would like to have my race pace be a 10 min mile…. despite not yet being able to maintain that pace for even 3 miles, let alone 26.2. I figure by February CERTAINLY I will be faster.

I set out today with no expectations. I really didn’t want to run at all… it was cold and dreary and instead of going in the morning I decided to put it off for the afternoon. Well, by the afternoon I just wanted to lounge. I had to run though so I got dressed and headed to Harmon Field. I told myself that I did not need to run fast – just do the 5 miles and enjoy the run. I put my favorite play list of and started off at a comfortable pace.

I looked at my watch at about 2.75 miles and realized that I was going to beat 30 minutes if I picked up my pace just a bit for the last quarter mile. I really sprinted and rounded my 3rd mile at 29:37 – a 9:52 pace. That is my fastest ever. I slowed my pace a bit to catch my breath and told myself that the next two miles could be easy – I beat my goal for running 3 miles under 30 minutes so I was happy.

The funny thing is I kept moving at a good pace. At mile 4 I was under the 9:52 pace. I was feeling good with less than a mile to go. As I approached mile 5 I could not believe my eyes – I had run 5 miles in 49:07 minutes. I was able to maintain that pace with not much more effort than I normally run.


Tomorrow I my last 8 mile run before my mileage increases next week.

One thing different I tried this weekend is a new breakfast. I have been reading the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and he learned that the secretive tribe of the Tarahumara eats salads for breakfast. It is not really appealing (for breakfast) but I gave it a shot:


Mixed greens, apples and roasted parsnip – dressed with pumpkin seed oil and blueberry balsamic vinegar. Yumm Surprisingly it held me to lunch. I was STARVING by lunch, but that is my own fault – I missed my morning snack.


Pumpkin oil is supposed to be really healthy. It is rich and thick so not much is needed. I love fruit flavored balsamic vinegars – they are always tasty.

While I was making my breakfast I had some company – if I am in the kitchen Mollie is usually not far behind… waiting for something to fall to the floor.

Sweet Mollie

Sweet Mollie

My beautiful daughter

My beautiful daughter

Right now Mollie and I are hanging out alone while the rest of the gang tracks a deer. It is 8:00PM and apparently it takes two grown men, 3 20-something men and one 20 year old girl to find a fallen deer. They wanted to taken Mollie to track it, too. Hopefully they will not come get her.  Happily they apparently do not need my help.


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  1. Ilka

    You go girl. When I grow up I want to be just like you:) Congrats!! Keep up the good work! Your daughter is gorgeous, she looks just like you.

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