Back to work!

My lovely vacation has come to an end. I really do not want to go back to work, but I suppose that it is not an option for me to stay home and lounge.

Sunday was an excellent day! The weather was cool and crisp and the sun was shinning. I had to get in one last 8 mile run before my mileage increases next week. The temp was aroudn 50, but the sun was shinning so I thought I might get warm in pants. I wore my shorts, tank top and a long sleeve tee over the top. I also had on my new light-weight gloves on. They are actually glove liners so they are not thick at all – just a little barrier from the wind. They worked out perfectly.

At mile 4 I stopped by the car to switch the long sleeve tee for a short sleeve tee. I was right – even though the air was cool, the running and the sun heated me up quickily. I also left my gloves in the car, too. I drank some water and sucked down another gel flavor – a new brand, too – Honey Stinger Gel pack in chocolate. I was delicious!

chocolate honey gel

My run took 1:34 today – an 11:48 pace. It was a bit slower than I have been going, but it was intentional. The plan says 2 minutes per mile slower than race pace and I haven’t been going that slowly. I have read several articles and books now and this long slow run is very important.

The run was harder today than it has been – it was windy! By mile 6 I was struggling a bit and even contemplating stopping (I didn’t). Despite my new power gel, I really was running out of power. It tastes good, but maybe it doesn’t work so good. I wasn’t sure if the brand last week did anything, but I was strong the whole run last week.  So, I will keep experimenting.

By the time I got home I was freezing. The cool air caught up with me now my sweat was cooling me off and my clothes were damp. I took a wamr shower and put some dry clothes on. AND, John started a fire! It was so wonderful I sat next to it for quite some time. I also did my stretches.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out with Katheryn and Mollie before they headed out. It was a nice way to end the week.


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  1. fab44

    Mollie is getting so big ..

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