Legs like lead

It has finally hit me – my muscles are tired. I have been running pretty strong for a few weeks now and I am feeling the mileage increase this week. I had my 5 mile run today and it was all I could do to finish it. I once again played a bit of a mind trick with myself and told myself that I would run 3 miles and if I didn’t want to go any farther I could stop. Well, at the three mile mark it seemed pretty ridiculous not to go the other two… I was already dressed, already there and already suited up with my watch, Ipod, etc. Why stop?

The plan I am following calls for two “build” weeks followed by a “step-back” week. The build weeks are hard weeks where mileage and pace are increased followed by the step back week where mileage is decreased slightly. The week after the step back week apparently gets harder. I think this plan will be good – I like the idea of knowing that I have that step-back week to look forward to.

The problem right now is that before I started my official marathon training I had to build up to it. I had to build up my mileage to even start the marathon plan. I started seriously building my mileage on September 7th.

Here is how my mileage has built each week:
9/7: 15.35
9/14: 18.47
9/21: 16.66
9/29: 23.27
10/5: 22.43

My marathon training started 10/12 and I had to run 24 miles, so all of this was necessary to get to that point. I guess I had my own “step-back” week on the 21st – since I only ran 16.66 miles, but I don’t know how much it helped. Who knows, maybe I would have been more tired than I am if I didn’t have that lower week.

Also, I have to admit that I have been neglecting my stretching. I just forget really. I did them tonight and I could tell that my legs were pretty tight. They were getting more flexible when I was doing it consistently for the last couple of weeks. It is amazing how quickly the flexibility goes away!

Tomorrow I have three more miles until my beloved rest day!

Now I need to find another inspirational audio book. I loved listening to the Lance Armstrong book. Just knowing that there are people out there like him fighting cancer and not only surviving, but thriving and changing the world… it is pretty amazing. Hearing how he battled up mountains after his recovery was so amazing – surely I can get my butt around the park for 5 miles!



  1. Ted

    Legs like lead: I know the feeling. Last night your mom and I went to a network gathering at a new hotel in uptown Charlotte, the Aloft. We ate horderves and I drink a beer and also sampled some fine bourbon whiskey that a Brown Foreman rep offered us. Later we left and walk a few blocks to Starbuck’s and I had “beer legs.” We were going to go to the gym and workout but decided not to.

  2. lauraph2009

    That’s funny!! You are not supposed to drink beer before a workout!

  3. Ilka

    You’re very sweet and a great motivator. You’re exactly what I need a reality check lol Thank your for the encouragement and laughs I think you’re awesome!!!

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