The price of fashion

Well, I do not think anyone would call me a fashionista, but as we move in to the fall season I have switched from capris and flat shoes to slacks and heels. I have to say that I have had a TON of compliments this week at work. I bought a few new things last week and I feel pretty good in them. Truth be told I really could have probably gone down a size in pants. By the end of the day they are uncomfortably lose.

The problem is that I have been wearing heels.  I am not talking about stilettos or anything, but high enough. I found that my calves and feet have been sore this week – especially my feet. Last night I had a twinge of pain in my lateral planar nerve. (haha, that sounds, good, doesn’t it). Basically the ball of my foot – the nerves are being compressed in the high heels. NOT GOOD when you are training for a marathon!

So, I am going to have to find some new shoes this weekend.  I need some crazy-hippie shoes! Those Birkenstock people know what they are doing – they just aren’t quite as sleek as a pair of black heels! Function over fashion, I guess.

On another note… I measured myself this morning. I have lost 2 inches around my abs, a half inch on my chest and I GAINED 1.5 inches around my calves! Apparently all this running is building some muscle. I also weighed myself and FINALLY lost one pound. Hopefully my body is done holding on to these stupid pounds and I will start shedding them again.

Which leads me to… the 30 Day Shred. I REALLY need to lose this weight before my half marathon. The bottom line is that I am not burning enough calories. When I was losing my weight at a good rate I was burning 1000 calories a day. Since I have been running I have ONLY been running. Except for the long weekend runs I really only burn about 400 calories a day. This is NOT enough to lose weight. So, I have challenged Ilka and Marie to the 30 Day Shred. If anyone can get this weight off Jillian can. I will have to figure out how to get it worked in with my runs. It is only 30 minutes so the only problem during the week will be Wednesdays since I have to run at night. I REALLY do not want to get up in the morning and do it, but I might have to. Weekends will be another story. With my mileage increasing on the weekends it will be  a bit of a pain to also do this short, but intense workout. I will just have to suck it up and do it!

Now I am going to finish my wine and go to bed. I have a 6 miler tomorrow – let’s hope these feet feel better!


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