Calorie burn Saturday

Today I woke up with a really sore right hip and was worried how today’s run would go. I spent a lot of time in the morning trying to loosen it up. I did some dynamic stretching then some acitve isolated stretching. It still was sore on my way to the run, but it did feel better. After a mile or so in I didn’t even feel it anymore.

The run today was fun. Scarlette suggested a new route (new to me). It is a beautiful country road with rolling hills. It is really the best place to run around here. We set off at a good pace that we were able to maintain the whole time – 10:50-11:00 minutes per mile. It was good for a run this length right now. It was warmer than I expected and the sun blarred down on us most of the time. There was one long hill that was really tough and we actually took a couple minute walking break while we drank some water and let our heart rates go down a bit.

I carried my water in my hand strap. I really am hesitant about wearing my waist belt because my SPI belt rides so much. I will have to try it tomorrow, though. I have a big 9 mile run and I will have to carry my water and some Gu – also my phone and pepper spray. There is a lot to tote on these long runs!

So, like I said, tomorrow is 9 miles. This will be my longest yet. I am going to do the same running route we did today. Because my long run can be a bit slower – around a 12 minute per mile pace – I will probably take some walking breaks up the hills. I will just have to see how it goes. I am going to try to get out earlier than we did today to try to avoid the hot sun.

After my run today I had to go buy some new shoes.  I needed to get some comfortable flats. The heels are just not working. Everything now is about the marathon and keeping my body as pain-free as possible. This week I wore heels and my feet have been in pain all week. No more. I found two nice pairs but now will probably have to get my pants hemmed! The reason I have to wear heels with my pants because most are way to long.

When I got home from my shopping trip I got my workout clothes back on and headed down to the workout room for the first day of my 30 Day Shred challenge. Marie, Ilka and I are going to do Jillian’s workout for the next 30 days and see if we can get a few pounds off before Thanksgiving. I is still a good workout, but not as hard as I remembered it being…. could it be the P90X and the running?

I looked back to my journal on Sparkpeople that I kept during my first round of 30 Day Shred. I was doing it last year at the exact same time I am this year. It is so funny reading the things I wrote. I was struggling so much with getting through all the jumping jacks and jumps ropes. I could barely do the butt kicks. I heartrate was sky high (constantly about 90% of my max) and I burned a ton of calories – some days over 400 calories. Fast forward to this year…  It was a good workout but I did not have any trouble getting through any of the circuits. The highest my heartrate went was 144, which is 80% of my max.  The unfortunate part was that I only burned 230 calories. wow – that is a huge difference.

I do like the workout though and will continue to do it. I like that it is short and gives me a variety of moves. With all the running I have been struggling with makeing sure I get my ab workout done and some upper body training in. 30 Day Shred should do the trick.

We had a delicious meal of Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Yummy and delicious and hopefully good fuel for tomorrow. Not light be any means, but I hardly ate anything today so a few extra calories were ok.  It is not like me to not eat much, but I just wasn’t hungry after the run. I did make sure I had a snack of Ezekiel bread and hummus sandwich – I knew I had to get something in me to recover.

I also did two rounds of stretching.

I ended up burning 1,111 calories today. Good. Tomorrow should be a record breaker with the 9 mile run AND Shred! That should be interesting!!!

Now off to read a bit before heading to bed early.


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  1. Ilka

    Go girl!!! 1,111 calories Wow… you kicked butt. Go Laura, Go Laura, Go Laura:)

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