Nine miles – DONE!

Today was my longest run yet… I ran nine miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was a really nice run down a long road and back. It is really the perfect place to run – lots of open fields, mountain views and horses. Very few cars passed me and I was able to relax and run.

I experimented with my new waist pack with water bottle. I was very pleased with it. It fit snugly to the small of my  back and didn’t move. I was mostly unaware of it the whole run. There is an easy access pouch where I kept my pepper spray. The larger pouch was perfect for my phone, power gel, chap stick and key. There is run for more little things, if needed.

When I started the run it was 45 degrees. I had on my usual running outfit – compression shorts with shorts over the top and my short sleeved running shirt. I knew I would get too hot with anything else. I did wear my new lightweight gloves. If my hands got hot I knew that there would be room in my waist pack. I ended up wearing them the entire 9 miles. When I finished the temperature was 55 degrees.

At the half way mark I touch my power gel and drank a few ounces of water with electryle powder mixed in it. It really did the trick. I drank more on the way back when I made it to the top of the two longest hills. Surprisingly my legs felt really good.

For the run I burned 1297 calories!

After that I cleaned up and headed to Costco to stock up on my weekly supplies. I also stopped by Kohls to try on some more pants. The pants I have fit fine in the morning, but by the afternoon they are so baggy it is uncomfortable. I tried on a lot of pairs and I fit into the next size smaller, but comfortably. The waist is just tight enough where it would have bothered me all day. I guess I will have to suffer with the larger pants for awhile longer.

I got home and cooked some food for the week – roasted chicken, butternut squash soup and also cut up some salad stuff. We had some of the chicken and soup for dinner but I will eat the rest for lunch this week. The soup is so good. There is nothing but squash and other vegetables – healthy and delicious.

After cleaning up and letting my food digest I changed into my exercise clothes once again to do the 30 Day Shred. I decided to alternate the three workouts so today I did level 2. It is harder due to all the plank moves but still only burned 220 calories.

My total calorie burn for today is a whopping 1,517!

Now I am sitting her nursing a sore neck. Somehow I pulled something or pinched a nerve. I actually think it happened while trying on clothes – I have no idea how!

That is a nice way to end the week!


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  1. Linda

    Great on the 9 mile run. I probably could have ran next to the car Sunday as slow as we were going through the parkway. I think today I will only get my lunch walk in – I’ll be ready to drop when I get home tonight.

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