Much Better!

Today was a productive and fun day. Really a huge turn-around from yesterday, as Wednesdays usually are.

Right after work I quickly changed and headed to Harmon Field to meet up with Scarlette  an official Tryon Running Club run.  Only one other lady showed up – hopefully more will start coming. It is really fun meeting net people.  We headed out on a new 4 mile route that took us up hill for the first 1.5 miles. I am not going to lie… it was tough for me tonight.  I did not have the best food day – we had a little party at work and I indulged (not too much, but still not training food!). I missed my afternoon snack and did not consume all my water. Combine that with a lot of sitting and my legs just did not have the strength that they should have had. We maintained a nice 10;15 pace, despite the hill. I was really huffy and puffy and could never get my breathing right. I had to turn off my music so I could just focus on breathing and running.

We did the the 4 mile loop that we intended to do for the run, but I still had to get in another mile – tonight was a 5 mile night. I ended up burning 775 calories.

I got home, drank some water and headed down for my date with Jillian. I did the 30 Day Shred and burned another 225 calories.

I didn’t stretch – I should have, but I didn’t feel like it.

It is just about time for bed!



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