Go Meb!

I am afraid I am becoming a huge running geek. It is really all I think about – how to eat so I get better, how to train, what the plan is for the week, etc. I also love to read inspiring stories about runners. If I am really lucky, like today, I get to watch them. Today was the 40th running of the ING NYC Marathon. The race was televised on NBC so I got the privilege of  of seeing many elite runners give it their all to try to win. An American has not won this race in 27 years. This year was the year an American was going to win. There were many American men that had a chance (Six American men finished in the top 10). Most of the pre-race buzz I read had Ryan Hall as our big hope. Most, however, still thought a Kenyan was going to win.

I logged in an knew who the winner was before watching my taped, pre-recorded, version. Even though I knew who the winner was I was still riveted to screen for the last three miles. The two that were fighting it out at mile 23 were actually shoving each other! I guess I will never have to worry about that kind of racing!!! It was Meb Keflezighi of the U.S.A against Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya. Suddenly Meb broke away and never looked back (well, he DID look back and found that he had a HUGE lead). The last half mile he gave the crowd a thumbs-up and pointed to the U.S.A on his chest. He was so proud. As he crossed the finish line he dropped and kissed the ground. He was so emotional and excited. They wrapped the American flag around him and even though he was tired he took the time to make sure the flag was right-side up and held it high in the air. He was SO proud. It was really magical to watch.

On the woman’s side the winner was Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia. What was amazing about the women’s field was that most of the leaders were in their mid to late 30’s and early 40’s and have children. The winner was said to be battling “weight” issues since the birth of her second child three years ago. The funny thing about watching the women was that the commentators kept saying what a slow race it was! The first place time was 2:28:52 – that is a 5:41 pace for 26.2 miles!!!! I am in awe.

So, today for me was the end of my “easy” week for the marathon training. Tomorrow I start week 4 and end next week with an 11 mile run! My mileage for this week will be:

Monday: Cross training
Tuesday: 3
Wednesday: 6
Thursday: 4
Friday: rest (like you didn’t know)
Saturday: 6
Sunday: 11
Total: 30 miles!

Considering that my 23 miles this week left my legs pretty tired I am going to have to be extra careful with my nutrition and everything else. 30 miles is a huge leap for me. It should be interesting!


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  1. Linda

    Good luck!

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