Long day

I really do not have anything interesting to add tonight. I had a long training day – it was good, but talking all day is always draining. It is a really nice group of people down from Boston so at least they make it enjoyable. Tonight we all went out to dinner to a Thai restaurant. I love Thai and was excited to try this new restaurant. I was trying think of what I wanted when my boss suggested we order several dishes and pass them around and share. Everyone thought that was a great idea. The waitress came and my boss said – “ok, Laura, order for all of us”. So, I did! It was pretty fun. Clearly I was not paying!!!

Fresh spring rolls
Regular spring rolls
Chicken satay
Thai golden shrimp

Main Courses:
Jalapeno Chicken Cashew (THE BEST!)
Pad Thai
Stir Fried Spicy Beef
Spicy Stir Fried Shrimp
Duck Panpang
Pineapple Fried Rice

It was delightful. I really only had a couple of bits of each thing so it really wasn’t too bad. I could have eaten the whole plate of the jalapeno chicken. It was amazing. I think everyone really enjoyed the choices! I should have taken pictures, but I completely forgot about it.

The conversation was excellent. Nobody is shy and everyone got to talk a lot – nobody dominated the conversation so it was really fun. I learned that one of the girls runs marathons. She has already run two and she is going to run Boston in the spring. She said she runs slow and steady. I wish I could have talked to her more but we were at opposite ends of the table. I will have to keep in touch with her.

Before dinner I went to Target and bought some pretty golf balls to start using a few times a day to massage the bottoms of my feet. Everything I read said this does the trick. We shall see… I really do need to have my feet to stop hurting!

It is WAY past my bedtime!!!!!


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  1. Linda

    The food sounds delicious! I don’t know if I have ever been to a Thai restuarant, maybe in Bradenton. I think I would enjoy the Jalapeno Chicken Cashew too.

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