More mental games

I had my mid-week 6 mile run this week – finally. I got permission from my manager to leave an hour early once a week to get this run in. It is so wonderful to work for someone that is so flexible. I got home about 4;30, changed and after a brief (very) warm-up I started running. I set off on my normal pace but quickly had to slow down. The heel pain I have had all week started to flare up fairly early in the run.

By mile two I was ready to quit. It hurt and my left calf started to cramp. I decided to stop my watch and spend some time stretching and massaging my calf. After a few minutes I set off again. I continued to have a bit of discomfort, but the pain seemed to decrease. I tried not to focus so much on the pain and tried to thing of things to make the time pass.

I thought of the USMC phrase “pain is weakness leaving the body”. Believe it or not I said this over and over many times. I even visualized the pain shooting out of my heels. It kept my mind occupied and seemed to work for the next couple of miles.

I finally got to mile 4.5 and convinced myself that I could make it. I was going pretty slow at this point and tired to pick up the pace but I just couldn’t. It was pretty dark at this point (6:00 PM) so I had to stay on the lighted track with the rest of the people. By mile 5.5 I was done. I didn’t think I could go anymore.

I actually even went to the car at this point and took off my Ipod and was just about ready to leave when I thought of something else.

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” (Lance Armstrong)

I only had a half of a mile to go. I could not let myself quit and this point. I just felt that if I start cheating myself on my runs now that it will lead to me quitting on my longer runs later. I locked the car back up and went out for my last two laps around the track. I was so happy that I completed my run without giving up.

I got home and stretched, iced and rolled my foot on the golf ball. I do not know if I have plantar fasciitis starting or a bursitis in my heel. Where my heel pain is suggests more of the bursitis, but who knows. I am going to start doing exercised and stretching for both just to make sure.

Tomorrow I have a three mile run in the morning to make up from this week. Then I have 6 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. I am really worried about the Sunday run.

I am ready for bed!



  1. Ilka

    Way to go Laura!!! Quitting is not an option.

  2. Linda

    Agree, quiting is not an option.

    I think the same way with eating, if I start eating goodies brought into the office that will be it. Have to keep your mind and goals focused

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