No rest day today!

What a great day! Since I had my rest day on Wednesday due to work I had to get in three miles today. The great thing was that I had to work the 10:00-7:00 shift today so that gave me time this morning to get my run in. I woke up at my normal time and enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and read. I also iced my feet and calves and did some light stretching and the foam roller. I really want to make sure I am doing everything possible to prevent the pain from coming again.

I got to the track abou 7:20, geared up and started at a nice pace. It was only 37 degrees outside so I was feeling a bit stiff the first half mile or so. The cranked the music (The Charlies Angels soundtrack – I love it!) and got into a nice groove. I ran between a 10:30-11:00 min pace which is slow for a 3 milers, but considering my pain the night before I just wanted to take it easier. I felt a bit of discomfort but it was so cold I think it masked it. I ended up fininishing in 32 minutes and I felt really good.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot I decided to see if I could get in a massage today. Bonnie never has any openings, but I was hoping someone cancelled. I called and they said she had a cancellation at 9:00!!!! I had to hussle! I got home, threw my work clothes and make-up extra in a bag and headed down for a massage. I told her the problems I have been having this week so she spent the whole hour on my feet and lower legs. It was awesome. She said she did not feel a heel spur but that my plantar fascia muscle was very inflammed. She told me to keep icing it. I asked her about my golf ball massage and she said that is the right thing to do.

Tomorrow I have 6 miles so I am going to ice and massage tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully after a couple of days this will have all passed… I hope!


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