Much better

On tap today was a 6 miler. After my terrible 6 miles the other night I was a bit nervous about how my feet would hold up. It is too early in the training to start getting injured! I have been trying to do everything right so it was very frustrating the other night. However, I think the massage from Bonnie yesterday really did the trick, that and my stretching, icing, Bio-Freeze, golf ball rolling and rest….

I planned on sleeping in today but I woke up at 5:00 as usual. I did go back to bed and dozed on an off until 6:30. It was nice not to have to rush out of bed. After awhile I just started craving my coffee so I got up. I had to bundle up, it seemed extra chilly in the house. Sure enough, it was 57 degrees! I just bundled up and got my coffee to warm me.

I ate, did some stretching and headed to the park about 9:00. I started with my long sleeve running shirt but after 2 miles had to strip down to a short sleeved shirt. The sun was out and it was surprisingly warm.

My run started with me heading down the road. I was going to run the loop I ran with Scarlette the other night, but there was a lot of traffic this morning and I just could not get a rhythm going. I had to keep slowing down and getting off to the side of the road. After a bit I just turned around and headed to the safety of the park. I kept my water bottle on the back of my car so every couple of miles I just swung by and took a sip rather than carrying it. At mile 4 I took in half of a gel packet.

The whole time I ran there was no pain. I felt so great and was able to speed up as the miles went on. I ended up with a 10 minute per mile pace – which means I ran faster than that towards then end since I know I was much slower the first two miles because of my road difficulties.


This is my best time for distance. I really pushed it at the end because I did not want to go over an hour. I think by spring I will easily be able to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in under and hour.

After my run I decided to go to Fresh Market in Hendersonville which is conveniently located near the Ingles with the Starbucks. Really, truly, that was my only reason I wanted to go up there, but I could not justify the trip for JUST a cup of coffee!


I finally got a gingerbread latte in a holiday cup! I am so happy. I asked them to only put 2 shots of the syrup in instead of 4 – it was still very tasty.

I got home and finally did some house cleaning and folded a weeks worth of clothes that had been washed and dried, but never made it out of the laundry room.

For dinner I made delicious homemade macaroni and cheese – it was warm and yummy.

Now we are sitting by the fire – too bad it won’t stay roaring all night – it will probably be cold again in the morning. I may just have to put the heat on.


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