Interesting new thought

Twice this week now I have heard and read a new concept (new to me).  You have to train your body to burn fat on long runs. Most training plans out there encourage to you to carb load to some extent before long runs and races and then feed your body every 45 minutes with some sort of sugar/carb to keep it going. This seemed like a valid idea and one that I have been doing for the past 5 weeks. It has always bothered me a little because ingesting 100-150 calories of sugar a couple of times on a long run just did not coincide with my other goal of losing weight. Also, the gels do not always sit really well in my stomach. Since I am trying to eat a more natural and cleaner diet it just didn’t feel right.

I decided that I was going to focus on the running and do what I had to do to improve my runs – which meant taking in these extra calories. Since I have still  been losing a pound a week I was not too worried. I would like to lose faster, but I am also getting faster so I cannot complain. I still feel like there is something more I can do….

Enter this new thought. I listened to a podcast the other day where the person being interviewed stated that most runners consume too many carbs during their running and their bodies just burn that sugar rather than looking to burn fat. Makes sense. He said a lot of things that made sense (I will have to go back and figure out who he is).

Today I go to one of my favorite blogs No Meat Athlete and see that he (Matt) has blogged about the very same thing! How odd is it that twice in one week I hear something I never knew before. He introduced me to Stu Mittleman, a man who ran 1,ooo miles in less than 12 days. He contends that when we train our bodies to burn fat rather than sugar we can tap in to an endless supply of energy. I have a lot of fat so I should have a LOT of energy!!!

Stu has a book that I am obviously now compelled to order! I cannot pass up another book! I think he is really focused on whole, natural foods, just like the Thrive Diet that I have been dabbling with for a couple of months. I really think these guys are on to something and I need to get on the bandwagon, too.

Matt posted a quote that I am assuming is from Stu Mittleman that I really like and also made me think:

“Focus on results and you won’t change.  Focus on change and you’ll get results.”

Change is where it is at.




  1. Hey Laura, neat post! Getting a radical new idea is fun, isn’t it? Very strange that you’d hear about this uncommon idea twice in one week.

    Two things that might be of interest to you: First, was the podcast guy’s point that consuming sugar makes it hard to lose weight since you’re not burning as much fat? Stu’s point was definitely not about weight loss, just about what is most effective for running far. But I’d be interested to know if there was some common ground between the two goals. Second, if you do try this out, realize that there will probably be an adjustment period in which it feels terrible. Apparently, your body gets in a sugar-addiction cycle and to all the sudden have no sugar for your runs is very uncomfortable. Stu said it will take a few days (weeks?) before your body adjusts to not having much sugar available. You have to “train” it to burn fat. I wish I knew more details, but the book hasn’t come in the mail yet!

    Anyway it’s great to hear you’re excited about this new idea as I am; I can’t wait to get my book. Stu seems like an incredible guy and I can’t believe he isn’t better-known. Let me know how it goes for you!

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks for stopping by Matt! I think the podcast guy was more in line with what you say Stu us saying… burning fat to improve endurance. He was not really talking about weight loss either. I just hear the words BURN FAT and my ears perk up and I equate it with losing weight. Either way – I need all the help I can get improving my endurance so if this something that will help I will try it. I am early enough in my marathon training that I can still try some new things with my diet. I am looking forward to what you have to say about the book. Take care.

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