Today is the day for the 12 mile run that will top off my longest mileage week yet at 30 miles. I was focused all day Saturday on hydrating and eating well. I stretched a couple of times, iced and used the foam roller. I woke up this morning at 6:00am to get started on my pre-run prep.

Before a long run I like to get up and have a cup of coffee and then have my breakfast about 3 hours before my run. Lately it has been an Ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin topped with almond butter. I chased it down with a green shake. Yumm. Plenty of water. I stop drinking about an hour before running in hopes that my bladder is relatively empty… sometimes it works, sometimes not. I did some light stretching as well.

Before heading out to my new running location for this distance I decided to go au natural with my running nutrition and recovery. My goal is to avoid the highly processed gels and bars and stick to natural food. I got out my Thrive book and found a recipe for energy bites and a recovery “pudding”.

The power bites are made up of dates, coconut oil and a couple of other ingredients. They are shaped into balls and to be eaten every 20-30 minutes throughout the run.


And, for post-run the recovery pudding made with blueberries, bananas, cocoa, almonds and protein powder. You would THINK it would be tasty, but it is not. I tasted a bit after making it and I am seriously hoping that it tastes better after the run.

I headed out to my new running route that is about 30 minutes away.  A long way to go to run, but since I will be out there more than 2 hours I think it will be worth it.

About 10:00 I started my run. I was geared up with my waist pack filled with water, power bites, phone and pepper spray. The route was hilly, but not so bad. 2 miles in I took my first power bite and washed it down with some of my electrolyte water. This was my first attempt at running and drinking on the run… I didn’t stop.  I kept drinking while running and everything seemed to be fine until mile 4 and I started to get an upset stomach. Then stomach cramps hit and hit hard about mile 5. I was really nervous… I had to get to a bathroom fast. Luckily there was one and the parking area and I was almost there. I made a brief pitstop and felt better.

I do not know if it was the date balls or trying to eat or drink on the run but I decided no more homemade power bites! I did the rest of the run with no fuel. I should have had a back-up plan and brought some Gu. That was stupid. I didn’t continue to drink on the run and it worked out pretty well for me. The key is not to gulp and get any extra air. Squirt the water in the mouth and hold it a bit before swallowing.

My pace started off pretty good – about a 10:30 pace, but kept decreasing as the miles went by. It was a nice place to run – there were other runners, walkers and bikers out so I never felt alone. There was one older guy that was running in the opposite direction that I was. He must have been out on his long run, too, because we passed each other 4 times. He was running at a pretty good clip and was obviously a seasoned runner. The nice thing was that each time he passed he quietly would say something like “good job” or “keep it up”. He didn’t really even make eye contact – he was focused on his run and really working hard. I have to say it was really nice encouragement.

Mile 11. I was so ready to stop. It was hard. I wanted to walk so bad. Thankfully I had my music going and I had my Pink playlist going. At mile 11 my favorite song came on – Bad Influence. Aside from just loving this song it got my mind off the pain for a moment. I thought back to March this spring when I first got my Pink CD and loaded it in to my iPod. I remembered that that was the very same song that got me through my first 5 mile run. I distinctly remember it coming on at mile 4 and it getting me through. Here I was 8 months later and it coming on at mile 11.  One more mile to go. I can do it. I had to get the focus off the pain – I CAN DO THIS – I AM STRONG. Yes, I said this over and over until the Garmin registered 12 miles.

At 12 miles I still had a bit before getting back to the car. Probably a quarter of a mile or so. It was fine that I had to walk – a bit – it is good to keep moving. I got back to the car and did some stretching before heading out.


Time for my recovery pudding, but I just couldn’t stomach it:


So, I did what any person that just ran 12 miles and loves lattes would do… I headed to Starbucks. It was a bit out of the way, but I had to. I had a Venti Iced Non-fat latte on my mind and I needed it!  I also need something sweet.



And, yes, a pumpkin scone. I totally earned it.



I cannot find the calorie count on it, but I do know that Starbucks does not use any trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup in their foods. (Ok, well, I just founds that it is 480 calories.) I am calling it lunch! Since really I should have used 2 gels – about 300 calories – during my run, I am feeling ok with it since I burned 1709 calories on my run!

After Starbucks I went directly to the grocery store to stock up for the week. I got home and started putting the food away and preparing a few things for the week. I could not let myself sit down until I was done with some chores because I knew I would never be able to get back up!!!  I finally sat down about 3:30 and relaxed with my feet on an ice pack!!! I am done!



  1. Ted

    Well done, Laura Lee. You are amazing! Nice report too.

  2. Ilka

    Well done.. You definately earned that scone lol

  3. Linda

    You did great! I knew you would do it. The scone looks delicious and the latte.

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