A bit of speed training

At noon I headed out for my lunch time 3 miler. I plotted a course around my company’s property but I really did not feel like running it. I wanted to run, but not there. I decided to head down to the back parking lot that is actually the perfect quarter mile track, without actually being one. There is no traffic and no office windows with people watching. It is peaceful and nice down there.

There are three long rows of parking spots that are probably about 100 meters each so I decided to do sprints. I ran as hard as I could and recovered for about 20 seconds as I reached the next row. I did this for 2.5 miles. It was an excellent workout and I really got my heart rate up. According to the Garmin I did 20 intervals with a max speed of 9 mph. If I could maintain that speed I would have a 6.67 min per mile pace! Since I was pretty tired at the end of most of the intervals I cannot even imagine running that pace for more than the little bit I did!

The fast running was a bit harder on my body than my normal runs. Right now my knees and feet are aching. I am sitting here icing them as I type. Icing, by the way, is not fun when you are cold. For some reason lately I stay cold most of the time so putting and ice pack on my body is not very comfortable!

Tomorrow I work 10-7 so I get to run my 5 miles in the morning. I have decided that I prefer running between 7:30 and 9:30. It gives me enough time to wake up and eat and be ready to run.  There is one problem though… I could SCREAM… it is supposed to rain tomorrow! I just checked the forecast and yes, showers all morning. John said I should be getting good at it. And he said it will make me tough. I guess that’s looking on the bright side.

I am going to finish icing while watching the Biggest Loser and hit the sack.




  1. Linda

    Hey, your brother loves running in the rain – but I guess enough is enough. Since I’ve lost weight I get colder more.

  2. Ted

    I’m glad you are coming over Friday. What time do you think you will arrive? Do you want to plan to go somewhere for a run Saturday and/or Sunday? Your Mom and I can bike again to keep up with you.

  3. lauraph2009

    Yes, it was fun the first couple of times. Now it is just a drag – mainly because it is cold, too.

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