Another great run!

My Thursday three-milers are turning out to to be the best runs of the week. I ran 3 miles in 28:16. That is a 9:24 pace. It is always amazing to me what a difference 30 or 60 seconds makes. A 10:30 pace is comfortable. A 10:00 is my race pace. 10:00 is a pace where I am working hard, but I can maintain without feeling like I am dying.

Guess what tomorrow is!!??!!!   REST DAY! Yes, it’s true. I am once again thrilled to not to have to run tomorrow. In my training e-mail from Hal today he said, “Rest is always an important component of any training program. Sometimes rest is important for the mind as much as for the body. ”

So, how will I spend my rest day? Lucky me, I am off work again Two days off is glorious. Today was spent getting my annual physical and first mammogram. The mammogram was not as traumatic as I was led to believe. My blood work came back immediately and it is perfect. The best part of the day was when the nurse was taking my pulse and before she told me the number she said fairly loudly “someone here is exercising!”.  My heart rate at the doctor’s was 56 beats per minute! That is wonderful. My blood pressure was good at 120/70. It hasn’t been that low since before I got pregnant over 20 years ago!

My cholesterol numbers came back immediately.

Total Cholesterol: 157 (reference<200)
HDL (good cholesterol): 62 (reference >40)
LDL (bad cholesterol): 77 (reference: <130)
Triglycerides: 87 (reference: <150)

Last year my numbers were already pretty good – after losing the first 40 pounds, but when I look back to 2007… oh my goodness! I was in SAD shape! Here are the comparisons from 2009/2008/2007:
Total Cholesterol:  157/148/226
HDL: 62/42/39 (the higher the better!)
LDL: 77/95/149(!) (the lower the better)
TG: 87/54/185 (!!!!) Hmmm, I wonder what made them go up from last year?

So, as you can see, 84 pounds makes a HUGE difference in more than just my clothing size!

The funny thing is that I had to beg the nurse to give me the cholesterol test this year. She said that insurance only pays for blood work every 5 years! It sure seems to me that 5 years is too long of a time to not know what your numbers are. I hate that our health care is coming to what is more cost effective. These are important numbers and everyone should be able to get their numbers whenever they want.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and getting my hair done. A perfectly wonderful way to spend my first day off.

This weekend should continue to be wonderful. Tomorrow I am heading to my parents for more shopping in Charlotte and just relaxing and enjoying their company. I will have to fit in a 6 mile run on Saturday (at race pace) and a 9 mile run on Sunday.

To prepare for the next few weeks I did go to Academy Sports today to stock up on some new fuel for my runs. The date balls are officially out of my menu and my new mantra will be – bring on the sugar!

I am particularly looking forward to the new gingerbread Cliff bar! I LOVE gingerbread!

Today I also bought something else new. I am just about out of my Amazing Grass greens powder that I make my green monster shakes out of. Since I had a 30% off coupon for GNC I thought I would see what they had. They had another brand of green powder that I thought I would get , but the very friendly sales person told me about the supplement package by the same brand. (Also, the same price for the same number of days worth of product). He told me that the supplements were more complete and suggested I try them. He wasn’t up-selling at all so it really didn’t matter to him money-wise which ones I bought. He seemed genuinely interested in selling me the best product.

I have been buying the greens powder to mix in my shakes because I do not like swallowing vitamins. I seriously think I have a really narrow throat or something because they always seem to want to choke me. (Of course, my “narrow” throat never stopped me from eating huge amounts of food in the past, so I do not know what that is all about). It must be yet another mental thing with me (just like balancing or running fast!). Yet another thing I will have to overcome. (For the record, overcoming things gets really tiring!).

So, now I have a months worth of 6 vitamins to take daily.

Apparently this has all the benefits of my greens, calcium, fish oil and a multi. We shall see.

I am so excited for this weekend. I LOVE being with my parents. Hopefully we will find some great buys, too!



  1. p90xakers

    Hello Laura, I haven’t been on here in awhile. It’s good to see you’re still running and staying in shape. I hope you enjoy your time with your parents this weekend and don’t spend to much money. 😛 Take it easy.


  2. Katheryn

    You should eat the gingerbread one first, so if you like it you can stock up on them in case they’re only out for the holiday season!! :-)… && are you going Christmas shopping this weekend?? Mollie and I haven’t sent our letters to Santa yet!! I love you mom!

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