Busy Rest Day

I had a very busy rest day shopping with my parents. Dad and I walked around downtown Charlotte while we waited for Mom to get off of work. It was a beautiful day and I love Charlotte. I think I could get used to working in a city. I would hate the traffic so I would have to live in one of the $1,000,000 condos in City Center! 

Before heading to Concord Mills we made a side trip to the half marathon course. It actually starts downtown and loops through old neighborhoods. It should be a really nice run. There are a lot of hills – one pretty long one about mid-way through. I guess I will have to beef up my hill training! I hate hills! Oh well.

We headed to Concord Mills and did some shopping. I was armed with my 50% off adidas employee coupon and was hoping for some nice things. The new adidas outlet there was pretty nice. They had a lot of the new things and some really nice running gear. I like the new clothes they are coming out with that are iPod friendly. They have little pouches for the device and holes to easily string the headphones cords through. One day I might add pictures to this blog.

Tomorrow is a 6 miler that I will run at the NC Whitewater Center. It should be a fun run.




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