Blogging by the fire

I LOVE coming home to this…


This was especially welcoming today after getting home after my cold 9-miler.  For the first three miles I had my hood up on my new fancy running shirt. That got to be too much as I warmed up and I got pretty comfortable. However, on the drive home I was just cold the entire drive. I had the heat in the car cranked up to 85 degrees. Even though I missed the rain it was damp the entire time and for the last mile it was trying to sprinkle so my clothes were damp. Combine that with my sweat and it was not comfortable. I had dry clothes in the car and I really should have changed, but I didn’t.

My new shirt with a close-up of the iPod pocket.

I was pretty pleased with this shirt. The hood was very handy and the iPod pocket was a nice change from the armband I usually wear. I will have to be cold or colder than today to wear it or it would be too warm. The iPod slips right into the pocket and there is a hole inside to string the headphone cord up through so it is not dangling and getting in the way. My new iPod does not sit in their snuggling and I was worried at first that it would fall out, but it didn’t.

My run yesterday was wonderful. I went with Mom and Dad to the Whitewater Center in Charlotte. There is a loop around the man-made whitewater river that I was planning on running, but it was only .75 miles and on gravel so I knew I didn’t want to stay on it for 6 miles. I ended up running down the entrance road and back. It is a pretty hilly road and made for an excellent run. This week I was supposed to run at race pace, but with part of the run on the gravel and part very hilly I averaged 10:30, which is fine for me. After seeing the half marathon course yesterday I know I have to focus more on hills than I have been. While I was busy with my run my parents were doing their own workouts – Mom ran/walk and Dad biked. It was fun to meet them at the end and start our day.

After the workout we headed to my brother’s house to pick up my nephew. My brother had to go on duty but luckily we got to spend a little time with him. He just got back from SWAT training so he was busy putting all of his gear away. I was amazed at all the stuff he had to wear – it was heavy! He had to run, do calisthenics, fight with others (hand-to-hand combat!) and do other drills. He wore this the whole week. He is amazing.  Of course, I had to try it on….

My dad makes a MUCH tougher looking SWAT guy!

After this we went shopping for a bit, out to lunch and home. I was feeling really drained the whole afternoon for some reason. Part if it was the neck ache that I had for the past day. It really made my whole head hurt. We had a delicious dinner and I then proceeded to lay on the couch. At 7:00 I feel asleep! At 8:00 I moved in to the bedroom and slept until 7:15 the next morning. Geez… I missed out on a whole night of fun.  Normally we play poker a bit before bed and it is always a lot of fun. I just didn’t have the energy!

I was worried about today’s run because it was supposed to rain all day. Luckily I woke up and it wasn’t raining and the news indicated that they rain wouldn’t get her until after noon. Good. I headed out towards home to get my run in, obviously, since I already talked about it above!!! I DID forget to mention that I ran the 9 miles at a 10:43 pace. That is pretty good for that distance, for me. I was really happy with my run. I felt great the entire time.  I used a energy gel after the first three miles then starting at mile 6 I started taking in energy jelly beans every half mile or so. Just one at a time – they were so good and dissolved easily in my mouth. MUCH better than the chews that get stuck to my teeth.

I have a very busy week coming up. Lots of running and lots of cooking!

Monday: 1 hour cross training
Tuesday : 4 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday 7 miles
Sunday: 14 miles!!
Total: 36   my-oh-my

On top of that I will have to do a little bit each day to get ready for Thanksgiving. I live this time of year and have lots of things to make! I better get my rest!

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