Words from Jillian

I haven’t talked about Jillian lately – she is still my hero, but she is not a running coach so she has not been in my mind lately. Tonight I watched her on a show called “The Doctor’s”. They talked about the up coming holidays and how to avoid holiday gain. The first question was:

How many extra calories does the average American consume DAILY during the holiday?

619 EXTRA calories per day!

WOW – that is a lot of extra calories. I, however, am morally opposed to DIETING on a holiday. I will be enjoying Thanksgiving meal how I want to… eating all the food I enjoy. I am going to have my homemade green bean casserole, NOT steamed fresh green beans. I will have mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and pie. I will enjoy it. I will not gorge myself, but I will thoroughly be thankful for all the delicious food and all my family and friends that I will be sharing it with.

I will also do the following…. WORK OUT HARD! I will not miss a scheduled run – I have a busy week of running and a few holiday meals are not going to get in my way. I used to make excuses during the holidays… it’s Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, blah, blah blah… those are NO reason not to exercise.

I will also NOT partake in random food eating. The office will be filled with food for the next month. Take today – for no apparent reason Dunkin Donuts brought boxes of donuts. HANDS OFF! I will NOT eat any of these random food offerings at all. If I do decide to eat something at the office it will be planned. For example, last year we had a Christmas cookie bake-off (that I won)… I will know when that is coming and PLAN to have a couple of cookies.

The point is that I think that everything has to be planned to avoid holiday weight gain. It is not inevitable to gain weight. Last year I believe I lost 5 pounds during the holiday. I hope to do the same this year.

On Jillian’s blog today she also talked about being proud of all your accomplishments. She has said this a lot to me (yes, I like to think she actually talks to ME personally!). Do not diminish any of your accomplishments. If you lose ONE pound be proud of that pound. If you run, even though slower than you wanted to, be proud anyways. I really think this is one piece of advice that stuck with me and made a world of difference. You have to be proud of yourself.



  1. Fab442009

    AMEN I understand completely .. I am going to enjoy the holidays but also stay focused on my exercising.

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend..

  2. weightosuccess

    Great blog… I enjoyed that. You should definately be proud of yourself.

  3. Linda

    I’ve been doing good at not touching food coming into the office he past few months.

    Dad and I will get to the gym Wednesday and Friday.

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