My very own turkey trot

I was going to run in an official “Turkey Trot” in Spartanburg today. Apparently there is an 8K every year that is a great event. I just couldn’t bring myself to drive all the way down there. Instead, I went to the park and had my very own turkey trot.

Today I had to knock out 7 miles. After taking a bit of an unplanned break yesterday I would up and was really ready to get out and run. The extra day of rest really did my a world of good. I got on my new running outfit and headed to the park. It was 43 degrees when I got there, but I had on my new fancy running shirt and some new high tech running pants. Both with wicking material and I am sure other advanced features. I cranked up my music and got my 7 miles done in 1 hours and 14 minutes.

My plan was to wake up early, eat and get my food started for the day. I ended up sleeping in a bit because we stayed up late last night. I ended up going out for my run without breakfast – just some coffee. I wasn’t hungry at all and didn’t feel like eating anything. I got there and set up my car as my water station with my water bottle and some Cliff Shot chews. It worked out well and I took in three chews on my run.

Instead of my random thoughts that I usually have on my runs today I focused on what I was thankful for. There are SO MANY THINGS. I, of course, am so thankful for my family. I do not need a special day for that – I love my family and I can honesty say that every day of my life I think about how thankful I am. Katheryn is the light of my life – I thank God everyday that she is my daughter. I am thankful for John who pushes me everyday to do better. He knows I am capable of things before I am and convinces me to do things I might not do on my own. My parents are my ultimate supporters. They are two amazing people that have always believed in me and have supported me no matter what. My brother is amazing and a constant source of inspiration. I love my whole family everyday.

This year I have so much to be thankful for. I have gained so much this year while losing this weight. It has really been a wonderful year so far. Here are some random things I am thankful for:

  • Running – it has saved me. I love it. I challenges me to do better and has opened me up to meeting new people. I have meet a lot of new friends through running.
  • Jillian Michaels – she has given so much knowledge about how to change my life and lose weight. I am so happy I discovered her.
  • Parks – who ever first decided to set aside land for people to use freely deserves a lot of credit! My favorite running places are in parks and I am thankful I do not have to run on roads all the time
  • P9ox – it made me stronger and fitter
  • My favorite foods! Greek yogurt, eggs, cheese Ezekiel bread, mandarin oranges, hummus, spinach, Green Monsters, butternut squash, apples, pasta… these are things I eat almost everyday and they make me happy
  • Alcohol – yes, I am thankful for wine, beer, gin and whiskey. I love them all, in moderation, of course.
  • Garmin. I LOVE my Garmin (well, John’s Garmin that I now call my own). it helps me stay on track. I love tracking my workouts in the Garmin training tool and in Training Peaks
  • adidas – not only does it provide my a very nice income, but it makes some of the greatest workout apparel and running shoes there is.
  • Magazines – These are my very favorite thing to buy. I love magazines – all kinds.
  • Coffee – Starbucks is the best – home brewed French Roast, Iced Lattes and during the holidays the Gingerbread Latte!!! YUMM!
  • Living in the South: The weather is mild and comfortable year round
  • Training Plans: I really am thankful for people like Hal Higdon take the time to put together wonderful running training plans for me to follow to achieve my goals

Last but not least, there is one more addition to the family MOLLIE! Sweet, sweet Mollie. I couldn’t believe my ears when Katheryn told us earlier this year that she was getting a DOG. Well, it didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to fall in love with her. Now I can’t get enough of her. Whenever she is here I want to pet her and take her for walks. She is the greatest dog ever.


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