Thanksgiving weekend recap!

It looks like I missed a couple of days of blogging while I was out being thankful with my family! A girl can’t be at the computer ALL the time! I have thoroughly enjoyed every single day of this holiday. We actually had three celebrations this year; Thursday with John’s side of the family, Friday I cooked just for us (I HAVE to cook Thanksgiving dinner!) and Saturday with my parents, brother and nephew  (Mom’s meal was the best!). The great thing is that everyone cooks the meal slightly different and each have their own specialties so we were not necessarily eating the same thing over and over.

Of course, the BEST part of every day was the fact that I got to spend them with Katheryn and Mollie. Everything is better when they are around.

The grand finale was the after dinner entertainment at Mom and Dad’s – we celebrated by the fire pit. I love fires and being outside on a crisp evening was perfect.

Earlier in the day we toasted with a new drink Dad discovered – the Baby Guiness, I think.. I it is a mix of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a new coffee liquor by Patron made from tequila! It was excellent.

I could have partied like a rock star, but I had to control myself because, as usual, I had my Sunday long run to look forward to – 14 miles ain’t no joke and I had to be good.

This morning Katheryn and I spent the morning putting up the Christmas tree and just hanging out. It was the perfect morning. At noon she was heading to her boyfriends house and I to the track. All morning is was nice and a bit overcast. By the time I got to the track it was sunny. Sunny, windy and hot is good for a day at the beach – not good on November 29th during a 14 mile run. It is amazing how hot a sunny 65 degrees can be! By mile 5 I was really suffering a bit. I had already drank water at mile 4, but it wasn’t enough. I looped back around to the car for another chug. My water tasted funny and I was really worried it was soap. I washed them this morning in the sink – I usually put in the dishwasher. I do not know if I didn’t rinse it out enough or what, but I was a bit worried. Luckily I had two other water bottles lined up and they were ok, but I had planned on drinking all three.

Miles 5 – 9 were hard. More mentally than physically. I just kept thinking how much longer I still had. I tell you, it is really hard at mile 9 knowing there are 6 MORE miles!

Luckily I had some good music. For the first 10 miles I listened to ABBA! It was so much fun – every song was great and had an awesome beat. At mile 10 that playlist was done and I put on my favorite – Lady Gaga. She is the absolute best. Every song on her album The Fame is great. She has a new album out – I hope it is half as good.

I made it –  bit slower than I wanted. I planned on finishing in 2:30, but my pace got pretty slow towards the end and it took 2:40. Actually – that was fine because it was an 11:30 pace and that is really what I was supposed to run for my long run.

At mile 12 I was seriously wondering why the heck I decided I wanted to run this long! WHY – it is really hard. But, I guess that is the point. I needed a challenge and now I have one.

So, another week, more miles. I am supposed to run 15 miles next Sunday, but I have to start my half marathon taper. I will have to modify my marathon training plan a bit for this race. I still have a busy week:

Monday: cross training
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: 12 miles (modified – recommended miles from Hal’s intermediate half marathon plan)



  1. Linda

    Yes, Saturday was a perfect day. Dad and I were laughing about Sake and Mollie this morning. Sunday we walked by the airport and then went to the gym for upper body workout.

  2. fab44

    I am beginig to wonder if we should be really worried about you and this fire thing 🙂 I think you enjoy it a little much. 🙂

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