Trail run fun

I had a great run today with a friend. We hit the trails and ran through mud a good bit of the time. It was a beautiful day and a really nice change of pace from my normal training run. There is something special about running in the woods and having to really pay attention to getting over all the rocks and roots in the path. You can’t really zone out so much on a trail run like you can running around the track. It is also fun getting dirty – my lower legs were full of mud splatter.

I plan on doing more runs on the trail – as soon as hunting season is over I will be hitting John’s incredible trails. I have not appreciated what I had in my own back yard until today. I always thought they would be too rough to run on, but they are not too much different than what we did today at the equestrian center.

We have miles and miles of trails – many of the miles John cut with his own hands. I cannot wait to get out there with the Garmin and map my run.

The rest of the day was relaxing and productive. I managed to get a good bit of cleaning done. I had a sudden urge to get all the dust out of the house. It is amazing how much can accumulate!

Tomorrow I will skip my normal rest day and hit the hills. I only have a week left to get in top shape for the half marathon. There are a few hills on the half marathon route so I need to make sure my legs are ready for them. I cannot believe the race is almost here!


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  1. weightosuccess

    I hope your enjoying your time off… Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog… I’m glad you understand the crackheadness in me lol

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