Hills and speed training

I tagged along on another training session with Scarlette.  She was scheduled to do hill repeats and speed intervals and I thought it sounded fun (yes, fun has a new meaning these days!). We met up and headed out for a 10 minute warm-up run to get to the hill. The hill didn’t look so bad at the bottom, but the last few feet at the top were hard. I guess they were supposed to be hard so that’s a good thing.  Each time at the top I had to pause and catch my breath before running back down to do it all over again. We did this four times.

Next we ran to a flat part of the road and did minute long sprints, “hard effort” were the instructions. We had to sprint for a minute then run back for a minute at a recovery pace and do it all over again.  It is MUCH harder to run fast than it is my normal happy pace. Again, it is supposed to be hard so it was a good thing. One interval I looked down at my watch and we were logging a 7:14 pace. I could never sustain that for long, but hopefully it will come in handy at the finish line when I have going in for the win (haha).

I feel so energized now. I have to have a rest day tomorrow but right now I feel like I could go out for another run. I think mixing the training up, taking an extra rest day AND, most importantly, having some company has helped SO MUCH. I really need to reevaluate the rest of my training.  I am certainly going to start doing hills and speed training regularly. I will still stick to the same mileage plan of incremental increases, but instead of just straight running I will mix things up.

During my Christmas days off hopefully I will be able to join her for some more workouts. I also need to reach out to some people in the Spartanburg Running club. One lady offered to run some long runs with me, but I never took her up on it. For some reason I am intimidated to run with other people. I just feel like I am so slow and do not want to hold anyone up. I also breath so loudly! When I get self conscious about this I start trying to breath quieter but then I do not get enough air flow. I know – SO STUPID. Nobody cares. You would think that one of these days I would get over some of this weirdness.

Despite my renewed motivation to run I will take my rest day tomorrow. Sunday is going to be a tough workout – 12 miles. I will once again join Scarlette and do 12 miles a new way – 4 warm-up miles, followed by 4 mile repeats (fast miles with a bit of a recovery in between) then a mile mile cool down. (I know – WHO cools down for 4 miles:)!) I am really looking forward to it. It sure sounds a lot more interesting than running around in circles for 12 miles!


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