There is nothing left to do but wait. The training is done and I have done all I could do to prepare for the race on Saturday. I followed the plan and put in the miles.  Now I have two days of rest where I will focus on nutrition and stretching. AND, I will try to avoid constantly thinking about the race on Saturday. I am trying to be in the “NOW” and not worry, but I seem to not have that skill. But I will try.

Another thought about waiting… I am SO happy I didn’t wait until my body was perfect to start running and racing. I think that a lot of times in the past I have avoided doing things because I was too heavy, or not fast enough, or whatever. Well, I still have extra pounds and I am still not fast but I am doing it! I am no longer waiting for something to happen. If I waited until I lost all the weight I had to lose I would have missed out on so much. I would have missed out on some exhilarating experiences and making new friends. I was having this thought and came across a quote from a great runner-philosopher, George Sheehan:

“There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.”

I am living – I am not “about” to live. I am so happy that last year I finally made the decision to start living. It was in September – and I think in the middle of the week. I did not wait until Monday, or the first of the month… or the new year… I just started.

Right now at work there are so many people that come up to me and say “after the holidays I am going to start exercising, too”. Fine, that is their business and I know I said it myself over the years. But now it just seems so ridiculous. I have had such a huge mental shift that I cannot even understand waiting until the new year or waiting until Monday.  I can’t even explain it.  Then I wonder what took so long? How do people all of a sudden have these epiphanies? I am sure I will never know but I am so happy I finally did!

Another good one from George Sheehan:

“Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.”



  1. Ted

    I like the way you think. And I’m glad you got an epiphany and started living.

    I know as well as you, that you are ready for the race Saturday, so there is no reason to worry about it. You’ll have us there as your support group; cheering you off and cheering you across the finish line. Think about what we can do after the race to celebrate. I’m buying!

  2. Linda

    I am really excited about Saturday.

  3. lauraph2009

    I’m thinking martinis!!!!! I will bring the olives:)

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