So sore!

Today Katheryn and I spent the day shopping and hanging out. It was a wonderful day. We made plans to go to the park when we were done shopping so I could get my 3 miles in and she and Mollie could run around and play.

All I have to say about today is that I am still sore. More sore now than I have been all week. I do not know if it is a combination of the massage and the run today but I am hurting. I have iced and slathered on Bio-Freeze. I finally found some recovery socks and wore those… nothing helps. Well, the recovery socks are only up to my knees and the worse part of my body are my quadriceps. Well, I thought it was my quad, but looking at some anatomical diagrams it appears to be something else. I had to call in the help of my daughter, who is studying exercise science, to find the specific muscle it is:

The “sartorius” muscle. It is the longest muscle in the human body and has a lot to do with the hip flexors and lower back. Since the pain is on my right leg, the leg that I experience the most hip pain, I guess I should not be surprised. Also, it is aggravated by low back pain, which, for some reason today I have had.

I have to get this core work going. Clearly my hips, abs and lower back need work. I will focus on those starting tomorrow. In the meantime I have to get better before Sunday. I have a 16 mile training run and I have to be able to cover those miles!



  1. Couldn’t Dr. Katheryn offer anything besides muscle identification? You know, running a half marathon might have something to do with your sore muscles. It would have crippled me for life.

  2. Linda

    Poor girl – I hope you feel better soon. I am happy Katheryn has kept those muscle names in her head.

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