Feeling much better!

I headed to the track this morning for some speed work with Scarlette.  It was chilly, but perfect running weather. We started off with a nice 1 mile warm-up. The second mile we had to run for 30 seconds down the straight-aways and count foot strikes… apparently optimal the optimal foot strike is 45 in 30 seconds – we nailed it. Around the corners of the track we had to SKIP. Literally skip around the orders – I am SURE we looked ridiculous, but who cares, we are in training. If Katie says SKIP, then we SKIP.

Next we did the various intervals I think I laid out yesterday. We held a 10K pace, which for me was 9:00 minute per mile pace. Scarlette was a bit faster. By the last lap we were both slowing down a bit!

We ended up running 6 miles total. It was excellent and just what I needed to get back into the swing of things. I feel like I am ready to go again. My thigh still hurts, but it is getting better every day. In fact, I am off to ice right now.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and playing with Mollie. I need to start wearing my Garmin every time we go out for a walk so I can see how many extra miles I am getting a day while she is home!


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  1. Linda

    Good job, I am happy your leg is feeling better. I’m sure all the walking you do with Mollie helps to loosen.

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