Lots of cross training!

Well, that is what I am calling it anyways… we got a ton of snow (6 inches is a lot here!) on Friday and we have been paralyzed ever since. Friday and Saturday we went hiking in the snow and took lots of walks with Mollie. Sunday Katheryn and I spent the afternoon shoveling.  I am counting all of these activities as cross training!!!

Today I was supposed to get in a 16 mile run. All week I have been thinking about it and had every intention of doing it, but I didn’t. My running partners were meeting in Spartanburg for the run. I could not drag myself down there. Aside from spending two hours to shovel ourselves out this afternoon, I just didn’t want to leave the house. I had an early Christmas present this year – to be stranded in my house with my daughter. I had her all to myself most of the weekend and I could not even think of leaving her. It is not often I get such a privilege now with school and a boyfriend. I wanted to take advantage of every single second I could get with her!

We had an absolutely great time – yes, I am sure she did, too. We did lots of walking with Mollie, which, if you have ever walked a 70+ pound dog, IS exercise! We baked, watched movies, and just chatted. There is nothing I like more than to be with her!

So, tomorrow I have the unfortunate task of going back to work after being off for 8 days. Gosh, it is hard. I only have to work two days before I am off again, but I am sure those two days will be hectic and filled with stress. How do people find jobs they love AND make good money and have insurance? I do not know. All I want is a coffee store with a bookstore attached, but I hear they do not make much money… oh well. I guess my job is better than most. I like it most days, I just dread going back after being off.

I do have to get in some runs this week! I am off on Wednesday so the plan is to get those 16 miles in Wednesday morning – some how, some where…. boy, that is a lot of miles!



  1. fab44

    Well just keep remembering that you only work 2 days, don’t let them get to you. 🙂

  2. Katheryn

    We did have a WONDERFUL time being trapped in the house! I think yesterday we started getting a little stir crazy because the littlest things started to amuse us… mostly Mollie. 🙂

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