Sad day

I found out today that yet another one of my friends has breast cancer. This friend is the same age as me and had her first mammogram last year. She and I happened, purely by chance to have our annual physical and mammogram on the same day this year. I was sitting in the waiting room when I heard my name called and it was her – she had an appointment, too, her yearly examine. We got called back, separately of course, and said our good-byes for the day. After my exam I headed over to the mammogram waiting area to find her there, too. We spent our waiting time laughing and talking – she was giving me pointers about the mammogram and we were laughing about how flat our boobs would be.

Today she came in to my office and asked me if I ever got my results back from the mammogram – I said I had, they were negative. She then told me hers were not. She said they found abnormalities from last year and were concerned. They had her come back for an MRI and biopsy and found a tumor that turned out to be cancerous. It was only about a centimeter and told her that they would remove it and she would have radiation for a few weeks – no problem.

She went back today for more discussions and they broke the news to her that the cancer was worse than they thought – it was complicated. I haven’t heard the details from her yet, but now she will have to undergo chemotherapy and have more invasive treatments. My other friend said that she was very upset and confused. She was ok with it earlier today, now she is not. This news was a big shock to her. She has a husband and a little boy to take care of.

Luckily my friend is very loved. She has a good husband,  two wonderful parents and LOTS of friends. She has friends that have already started researching this for her and will support her all the way.

Cancer is stupid.



  1. fab44

    Yes it is and a very unfair ..

  2. I am very sorry to hear about your friend, Laura. Let’s hope for the best. Stupid cancer.

  3. Linda

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is something else – where is a really smart scientist who can figure it out.

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