16 miler

Today I ended my rest week with a bang – 16 miles!  I was lucky today because I was able to run with two other people – Scarlette and Leslie. We headed out just after 7:00AM and ran and ran and ran. The route was nice – there was hardly any traffic the first half. The road was a nice rolling road, just a couple of fairly steep hills.

Running with others is so much better than running alone. Despite the safety concern it is just nice to have people get you through the rough spots – like half way. No matter what the distance I tend to have mental issues at the half way mark. At 8 miles today I felt like I was done – my legs were heavy and I could so easily have stopped. Well, despite the fact that I had to get back to the car that was 8 miles away! However, Scarlette and Leslie were in the same boat I was. We all regrouped, gave ourselves a pep talked and headed out.

The 10 mile mark is always good. At this point there was 6 miles to go – I run 6 miles all the time and started to feel good.

The 13 mile mark was hard – it was exciting to know that I just ran it the other week in a race at 2:16… since this was a training run and we were running at a slower pace, and took a couple of walk breaks to take in water and gels, we were at about 2:30 or so, I can’t exactly remember….. But, I was thinking THREE MORE MILES! Instead of it being a relief at that point it felt like a huge distance.

About this time in the run my left hamstring really started to get tight, my right quad was burning and my feet were toast. The balls of my feet and toes were on fire. I think if I could get rid of the foot pain I would such a better runner! I will have to try some insoles or something.

Mile 15 approached and we only had one mile left. The problem was that we were about a quarter of a mile from the cars. I am not sure where we went wrong on the distance – we ran 8 miles out and turned around. How did we come up a mile short? So we took a detour down another road to get that last mile in. At one point we all were really slow and started to walk at bit – we looked at each other and started laughing – we looked like a bunch of drunks walking down the road. We were all hobbling from various aches and pains. It was quite amusing. Despite how close we were we will needed one last pep talk. We decided that no matter how slow or painful that we would finish strong. Our “finish line” was at the top of a hill and we went for it.

It took about 3 hours to run 16 miles. We were running our “long slow distance” pace. Scarlette quickened the pace a couple of times and although it was good, I really do prefer a slow pace. However I REALLY need to work on my speed. If today taught me anything it was that I didn’t want to run the marathon any longer than I had to. If that means suffering in training to be a bit faster on February 12 then so be it.

This week it is back to training:

Monday: elliptical
Tuesday: speed training
Wednesday: elliptical
Thursday: tempo run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 20 milesssssss


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  1. Linda

    WOW! great going on your 16 miles. The weekend was great!

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