Pulling out all the stops

I woke up this morning VERY sore. The 16 miles hurts a lot more the second day! I hobbled around most of the day – I tried to get out of my chair frequently so my legs wouldn’t completely cramp up. I also got on the elliptical for 30 minutes at lunch time and did some intervals. The last 5 minutes were so hard – I might have well as run 16 miles again the way I felt. I jumped off and did some upper body work. Since my upper back ached I think I really need to start doing some more back strengthening work.

I drank tons of water today and ate lots of fresh veggies.

Tonight I decided to try a hot Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are supposed to have a ton of benefits including reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps. I am sure it will take more than one bath, but it is worth a try. After my bath I slathered my legs with Bio-Freeze and put on my compression socks. I also brewed myself a cup of Roobios tea which is supposed to have anti-spasmodic properties…. presumably it will help with muscle spasms, which I am indeed having.

I will also be doing some light stretching and pull out the foam roller. Overkill? Maybe. But, in a few short days I have a 20 mile run coming up and I want to be ready. I think every little bit will help!


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  1. weightosuccess

    You’re a rockstar Laura Mae lol!!!

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