The goal today was three miles – a short warm-up followed by 100 meter intervals and a cool down. I headed to the back parking lot that is about the size of a 400 meter  track and went at it. It was cold for the first mile but I soon warmed up. I wish I brought some water with – even in the cold the intervals really get me thirsty. I was tempted to skip around the corners like we did last week, but I decided against it. I am sure there are already plenty of people that think I am odd already without adding that!

For a couple of intervals I got down to a 7:40 pace but most were 8:30 or so. I forgot my chest strap for the heart rate monitor so I couldn’t see how high my heart rate got up. I really need to start wearing it more so I can work on getting it higher. I tend to run the same comfortable pace a lot and really need to work a bit harder, especially on my shorter runs.

Tomorrow I will do some core and strength training, then on Thursday another 3 easy miles. Friday is a rest day before the big day!

We just checked the weather and found that it will be COLD and WINDY on Saturday morning. Lovely.

I got an added bonus workout today by playing with Mollie. We ran tons of laps around the couch in the living room tonight. We ran so much I got dizzy!



  1. Linda

    I’m sure people at my office think I am crazy because I go walking at lunch in this cold weather. They are all fair weather people.

    I was looking at the temperature Saturday and it is really going to be cold.

  2. Fab44

    Animals are so much fun.

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