10 Commandments

I listened to another great podcast today from Endurance Planet. The person being interviewed, Marshall Ulrich,  is an endurance athlete that has run 100’s of  marathons, ultra marathons,  summitted the highest peaks on 7 continents and many more things.  He talked about his 10 commandments for endurance athletes. They were all pretty good – I printed them out to read again. Many were relevant for more situations than endurance sports.

One that stuck out today, as I am preparing for my 20-miler, was number 3: “”suffering is ok”. He talked about this one a bit – it is ok to suffer – not everything has to be easy all the time. It is good to push yourself hard and see how much your body can do. I will have to keep this in mind on Saturday morning when it is below freezing and 20 mph winds. Suffering is ok, suffering is ok, suffering is ok….

Today I focused on stretching. Right now my muscles are feeling pretty good and I suspect that I will no longer be sore by Saturday – just in time to do it all over again!


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