Random things for 2010

I am still trying to think of some big challenges for me this year, but first I need to get through the marathon. I feel like everything else is on hold until I cross the finish line on February 1th at the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Until then it is all running, training and eating properly. The countdown begins now – only 6 weeks to go and I am focused.

Until I can decide I what I want to focus on for the rest of the year I thought of some random things that I think I need to change about myself that I will try to do:

  1. Apply moisturizer more regularly. I am hit or miss with my face regime… I wait for my hands to get cracked and chapped before lathering up and forget about my feet – I can barely get my socks on due to all the roughness.  I am going to get more lotion and keep it around the house and office and apply often.
  2. Read. I read blogs, news and articles on the internet all the time. I must say that I am addicted to the internet – I cannot imagine living without it. As a result I have not read a book in quite some time. I have started many but soon get distracted by my computer. I am going to read a book a month – actual books, too, not training books or running magazines.
  3. Visit wineries. I keep saying this is something that I want to do. I want to visit wineries and learn about wine and really appreciate it. I drink it all the time and love it, but really do not know about it. I read a blog about a girl that loves wine and goes to tastings and it sounds fun. I am going to visit at least two local wineries this year.
  4. Go to my Spartanburg Running Club meetings. The best thing about running has been the people I have met. I really want to start getting more involved in the club and go on more group runs and work at races. The next meeting is January 12th. I always want to go but never do because I hate doing things after work. I like going home. However, I think once a month is not too much to ask of myself for the chance to get out and be sociable.
  5. Buy fewer magazines. I am out of control with these things. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually subscribed to them, but I don’t because I do not think all the issues are interesting so I buy them off the rack for $5 a piece, take 15 minutes to read them and never look at them again. I will subscribe to the few that I really read cover to cover (like Runners World) and stop buying the rest. I will go to Barnes and Noble and read them for free.
  6. Use up all my shampoo and conditioners. I have a ton of half filled bottles of shampoo and conditioners. I get bored with them half way through and throw them under my bathroom sink and keep buying more. I am not going to buy any more until they are all gone.

That’s all I can think of for now. In the meantime I am hanging out with my two favorite girls by the fire drinking my new favorite wine that I got from my brother for Christmas (yes, I did drink the entire bottle!). I am always especially happy when I get to drink out of my new “Bobby Flay” glasses that Katheryn gave me for Christmas.


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