Another great day!

Despite the fact that I had to return to work and leave the comfort of my home and my beautiful daughter, the day turned out great. I knew I was going to come in to some sort of surprise. My co-workers are notorious for elaborate birthday decorations.

I approached my office door cautiously:

I entered to find 144 BLACK balloons (they told me the number, I did not count them!) my chair wrapped in plastic wrap, my monitor wrapped in tin foil and my desk and various other things coated with sticky notes.

Luckily there was also cake involved. A cute little runner girl on top of deliciously moist cake!

So, like the holidays I think my birthday is now officially over!

Today was cross training day and I hit the elliptical hard. I did 30 minutes of high intensity intervals. I was really sweating and breathing hard. Luckily there were a couple of other people working pretty hard, too. There were a couple of new people, due to New Year’s resolutions, no doubt, but I thought it would be worse.

Tomorrow is speed training. I am headed outdoors with a couple of other people and we are going to do speed work. I told them I would bring the plan so I have to find something now. I am thinking we will skip – I think it is fun and these two won’t care if they look stupid!

It is supposed to continue being frigid outside. I cannot even believe this weather. I think the last 12 weeks have been the coldest and wettest weather we have had in years. I guess if I can train through this nonsense then I can race in anything.



  1. Linda

    What a neat surprise when you got to work. The cake is so cute. What a nice group you work with. How many balloons are left?

  2. Ted

    Laura, you are a living doll in that new coat of yours. I wondered why they used 144 balloons, then it occurred to me they must have bought 12 dozen.

  3. lauraph2009

    NONE are left. I popped them all. I was starting to get intoxicated with the smell of rubber!

  4. lauraph2009

    HA! I couldn’t figure out why that number – thanks for solving the mystery. I love my new coat – I am so happy I got it! thanks!

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