Unproductive day

I cannot think of a single thing that I accomplished today. That is never a good thing when there are lots of things to do! I do not think I will even be able to muster a decent blog post!!!!

I did get a new Runners World magazine – already forgetting my resolution not to buy them off the stand. I really need to get a subscription. Anyway… the issue is about cold weather running and I learned a few things:

  1. Mittens are better than gloves – I need to get some
  2. Your lungs will not get injured from breathing all the cold air
  3. You should start your run facing the wind so on your way back the wind is at your back (This sounds good, but Saturday during the 20-miler the wind was in our faces the entire way and I am quite sure that we were facing different directions with every turn)
  4. Lots of people train in snow and ice all the time. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. When we got snow the other we I tried to run in the snow and I barely made it 100 feet. It was very difficult!

It looks like it is going to be another cold weekend for my long run!


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