Postive! Postive! Postive!

I am sitting here right now in front of a beautiful fire trying to think of something to write. It has been a difficult day but John insists that I can find something positive about the day.  Yes, I can. I have to keep things in perspective. Life is wonderful and I have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. I have a wonderful family and good friends. I have more friends now than I ever have had.In fact, with the exception of about 6 hours (the first two hours of the work day were ok… WELL, come to think of it only 5 were bad – I got to leave an hour early!) the day was excellent.

  1. Katheryn came to have lunch with me – we ate at Jimmy John’s – my favorite sandwich with my favorite girl!!!
  2. I left work early to get my run in (I only got 4 miles in before it got dark and there was a creepy man lingering about so I left, but I ran and listened to Lady Gaga!)
  3. When I got home Mollie, John and Katheryn all greeted me at the door wagging their tails… it was VERY awesome. (Luckily I only had to scratch Mollie’s butt!)
  4. John had yet another amazing fire blazing (although he insists that we have to have rotations throughout the night to stoke the fire AND he expects every log to be strategically placed on the fire.)
  5. Katheryn picked Kung Pao chicken for dinner (it was delicious, if I do say so myself)
  6. We all decided we needed dessert (we spent a half an hour at the grocery store looking for a quick dessert that did not have high fructose corn syrup or transfats…. Edwards Pecan Pie was the ONLY thing that didn’t!)
  7. We also got some Lindt Chocolate Truffles (the best thing about that is hearing Katheryn call them “Lindorts”… emphasis on the “dort” part)
  8. My friends on Facebook made me laugh hysterically tonight with their bra colors (especially the people that didn’t know why everyone was posting colors in their statuses!)
  9. A wonderful friend got me a birthday present – a subscription to Runners World Magazine!!!!!!
  10. Mollie (need I say more?)
  11. Making myself laugh (I do, in fact, think I am hilarious most of the time.)

So there it is… a pretty great day overall.



  1. weightosuccess

    Hopefully tomorrow we will have so much snow we won’t have to go to work and we can start the weekend early!!! I’m sorry 5 hours of your day didn’t go so well, but I think your pretty awesome anyways!!

  2. lauraph2009

    I think you are awesome, too!

  3. fab44

    We always have to try to get something postive out of a Crappy day..

  4. Linda

    Your blog made me chuckle – nothing like family. What a nice gift, a subscription to Runners World

  5. Katheryn

    Lindorts are so yummy, I’m going to miss eating one with you every night!
    Mollie is hilarious!
    && that was SOOO funny when dad decided we would also greet you after work wagging our tails! hahaha
    (you got 2 hits from me today, once to read this, and another to see if you had posted one fore today) — so subtract one from your daily total 🙂

    I LOVE YOU MOM!! I had an amazing break with you!

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