Weekend recap

I perfectly lovely, but chilly weekend. The weekend officially started Friday night when I came home to homemade pizza dough that Katheryn made. My daughter is becoming quite the cook! We made our standard pepperoni and mushroom and then a white pizza – just with olive oil, garlic and cheese (oh, that had pepperoni, too). It was delicious – I love pizza night!

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and enjoying being with Mollie and Katheryn for the last night before they take off back to school. We all went to bed early – actually I fell asleep on the couch, but not for long. Mollie brought her cold wet nose over and sniffed me.

We woke up Saturday morning, ate breakfast (toast… Mollie and I have been having toast together each morning for a month) and then bundled up for a walk. We walked down to the pond to find it completely frozen over. I wouldn’t have tested the strength of the ice more than a foot out, but it looked frozen. Mollie wanted to go out on it so we had to but her leash on her.

Katheryn and Mollie stepped out just enough to get a feel of the ice…

I braved the ice for a bit but had to pull Mollie back – she was really pulling to go out! Katheryn had to take over and got knocked off her feet!

After our walk we had to start packing up. Katheryn and Mollie always bring a huge amount of things with them…. this time they have to take all of that back, plus Christmas presents AND a huge Costco size pack of paper towels that Katheryn insists are necessary. It took about 2 hours to get the car perfectly packed. While Katheryn packed I helped her bring out all of her things and play with Mollie. At 11:00AM they hit the road.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my hair done and doing some shopping before heading to bed early. I had a early wake-up call in the morning.

Sunday: 16 miles

The funny thing is that after 20 miles 16 miles doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Especially after the 20 hilly, frigid and windy 20 miles we did last weekend.  As usual I got up extra early (4:30) to have my coffee, eat and go to the bathroom as many times as I could. I had to meet Scarlette at 6:20 to drive to Leslie’s to get to our running route.

This morning one new thing I had to do was get my hot chocolate ready. I have been drinking chocolate milk after my runs, but with it so cold something warm sure would be nice afterwards. Luckily my parents anticipated this need and bought me a lovely thermos from REI for my birthday.

I made homemade hot chocolate because the instant kind is full of bad stuff and really doesn’t taste that great. Homemade is so easy and SO much better!

Back to running… we started our run at 7:00 and the temperature was 14 degrees!

After the first 3 miles we really started warming up (comparatively!) Leslie plotted out a great route for us. The plan was run a 4 mile warm-up, 3- 2 mile intervals at race pace with a 5 minute recovery after each and 6 mile run to finish it off. The 2 mile intervals were HARD, but this is all supposed to be hard, right?

By the second interval we laughed because we noticed that the sweat and moisture on our fleece gloves and jackets started turning to frost. The power gels we brought were hard and our water was ice cold. We all decided this was ridiculous, but kept running. It was ridiculous in a good way, of course!

About mile 10 we all started shedding some layers. It is actually possible to sweat quite a bit in 20 degree weather! The bad thing I did was wear my fleece gloves instead of my adidas Clima Cool (breathable) gloves. I had to take my gloves off to take my (awesome) jacket off and adjust my iPod and when I went to put them back on I realized they were wet. Cold and wet fleece gloves are not comforting. At least my hands were warm for the first 10 miles!

For the last mile the wind picked up. It was pretty uncomfortable but we all agreed that we were fine with it and thankful it wasn’t with us the whole 16 miles. By the time we got back to the car the temperature had risen to 28 degrees.

When I got back to my car I had my thermos of hot chocolate waiting for me. I was hoping it would still be warm. It had been almost 5 hours since I made it that morning. I uncapped the thermos and immediately noticed the steam coming out. I was going to just raise the thermos up to my mouth to drink it but I quickly realized my beverage was HOT! I could not believe how hot it still was! I poured some in the little cap and enjoyed… if you look closely you can see the steam!

The first sip was so warming – I could feel it all through my body. It was great!

I got home and warmed by the fire and finished my hot chocolate. I felt better after this run then I have felt on any long run so far.  I did not feel crippled like I did the first 16 miler or last week’s 20. I did my stretches and sat and read awhile. I was hard to pull myself away from the fire to go to the grocery store and back out into the cold. The temp was up to about 37 at this time, but it was still frigid to me.

I did my shopping, made a delicious dinner of roast chicken, potatoes and garlic, with salad and sour dough bread. The roasted garlic tasted so good on the bread. Thanks to Scarlette for the meal idea – she talked about her mom making this for her family tonight and I had to make it for myself! It was glorious – the perfect post race meal.

Now I am settled down on the couch getting ready to read and go to bed!



  1. Linda

    What a busy weekend you had and happy to hear Katheryn got back safely without any icy roads. Happy to hear the thermos did its job.

  2. weightosuccess

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!!

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