I’ve got style?

Haha! I do not think I have much fashion style or running style. I would like to have both, but right now I just barely get by. If my clothes are comfortable and they match I am pretty much good to go. I guess that is how my running is, too. I wear comfortable clothes and I try to match and I go….

Tomorrow is speed training so I brought out my Hal Higdon Marathon book to gleam some bits of wisdom. I read and read and read about training hoping that I will capture a bit of information that will make it all easier. Today I opened the book to a random page and a quote jumped out at me:

The object of running sprints in training is to develop style as well as speed.

He goes on to say that the fast I can run 100 meters the faster my marathon will become. hmmm 100 meters vs. 26.2 miles (42, 164.8128 meters)!

This is even funnier when I think about a conversation we had on our 16 mile run this weekend. How do you mentally get through the race? Many people suggest breaking the race into sections – do not think of it as 26…. think of it as a serious of smaller, easier runs…

  • Miles 1 to 5 just enjoy the thrill and look around at the surroundings. Miles 6 through 19 run a mental 1/2 marathon and just stay focused.  Then for miles 20 to 26 run a slow 10k.
  • 4-5milers and a 10K
  • How about 26-1 milers and a .2 finish
  • I was thinking 13-2 milers
  • NOW I am thinking even better….. how about 42, 164.8128 METERS!

I think I finally found the key to success. I do not have to run 26.2 miles – I have to run 1 meter 42,164.8128 times! Counting all of those will certainly keep my mind off things!

OK, so I got off on a tangent… back to style… I don’t have any! I think I look all graceful and lovely out there running, but I do not. I have seen footage and it ain’t pretty! I seems as though I barely lift my feet off the ground. I feel like I am running like the wind but I am barely moving! I am much better off never looking at pictures of myself running.  I have style in my mind!



  1. Linda

    I think you have style no matter what you are wearing or how you look running.

  2. lauraph2009

    You are the best! I love you

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