Tonight I made the first step for one of my resolutions – I went to a running club meeting. I am going to try to go to all of them this year – it is really good to know other runners and learn from them. Everyone was really nice and I talked to a couple of woman who have run marathons before.  Everyone that was there tonight seems fast so I probably will not walk away with any new running partners, but it is still nice to talk to them.

Drum roll, please……..

Yes, that’s me – most enthusiastic. I am enthusiastic about most everything and now I have an award to show for it all!  It is not easy being enthusiastic all the time!

Today was a good running day. I did speed training at lunch with one of my friends. We did a mile warm-up, 4×400’s with about 30 seconds of recovery in between. After the first two intervals we skipped and then did some side side shuffles. We finished up with another mile run. It was chilly out but so much warmer than it has been and hardly any wind. It was actually pleasant!

I just got word from Scarlette about this weekend’s run… 4 hours. The goal is time, not necessarily mileage. We have to get our bodies used to running for that length of time. Ideally we will feel strong and potentially do more than 20 miles. The big problem is finding a route. I will have to whip out the maps.



  1. Linda

    That is neat getting an award – congratulations!

  2. Ted

    You deserve that one all right! You are the most enthusiastic person I know. I just love telling you stuff and getting your zealous feedback.

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